Primitive Skills with Josh Barnwell

Primitive Skills with Josh Barnwell
A teacher of primitive skills for the past ten years, Josh has taught everything from firemaking and natural fiber cordage to natural leather tanning and wild plant medicine and food. 
At the crazy owl retreat, Josh will teach a workshop on fire by friction, particularly the bow drill method. He will explain the parts of the kits and how they work together to create a burning ember to be blown into flame and give everyone interested a chance to try out a kit to start their own "first" fire. He will also lead a walk for people to find suitable materials to make their own fire kits from materials found on the land.
  other topics for discussion:
- Natural fiber cordage  (making rope and string from plants that grow in the area)
- Tarp pitching and camp setups (keeping yourself and your stuff protected from the elements while on the land)
- Campfire cooking (alternative fire arrangements and methods to minimalize cookware and maximize good eatin')
- Camp tools (how to use camp tools like the axe, machete, shovel and saw. as well as how to care for and , maintain them.)