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WARNING: Some of the following language is inappropriate for minors. 

These few lines will introduce you to Crazy Owl. His life began August 5 1927 at 6:02 AM in Akron Ohio, USA. His mother named him Charles Emerson Hall.
In 1960 The University of Wisconsin awarded him a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, He pursued a career in mathematical statistics and research methodology until 1975 when he predicted that a cancer epidemic would engulf one-third of the population by 1985. Thereupon he "dropped out" and went into the community lifestyle and ate organic food. In summer of 1987 he took the name Crazy Owl and accepted the Barred Owl (the original "Crazy Owl") as his totem.
Sometime during these years he became interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short). In 1980 he started studying acupressure at the Acupressure Institute in Berkley California. Since that time he has been a Healer with TCM as the core of his practice.
From 1985 to 1997 Crazy Owl taught TCM in The School For Gentle Hands in Atlanta Georgia. He had a clientele in Healing and a business in herbalism as well as students.
The bulk of this information is about daily diet, herbalism in the cook-pot and many of the little things our ancestors knew about a healthy lifestyle but our parents forgot about.
Any comments about politics and world peace were learned in The School of Hard Knocks. That school does not award degrees.

How to Change Your Diet and Become a Vegetarian

Once again, large numbers of people are becoming aware that the foods sold by agri-business are not healthy. Many of these folks are becoming vegetarians in their eating style. If you are thinking of making the shift this essay is written for you.
Becoming a vegetarian is not simply walking across the street and shopping at a different supermarket. There is a world of difference between a supermarket and a health food store. If you try to buy canned vegetables in a health food store, you will discover that they cost two or three times as much at the health food store. So the first thing you learn is how not to live out of cans. After you have learned the vegetarian style of eating you will find that it is cheaper than the supermarket - and you save on medical bills because you are healthier.
...Becoming a vegetarian needs to be done slowly...
Becoming vegetarian needs to be done slowly. Getting meat out of your diet needs to take two to three months. I suggest cutting your meat intake in half the first two weeks, just have meat every other day. Then in the second two weeks cutting it in half again, eating meat every 3 or 4 days for two more weeks. Then going down to once a week for a couple of weeks . Then -- forget about it.
White sugar should also be cut out at the same time. Eat white sugar only on the days when you eat meat. White sugar and meat are balanced in yin and yang: the sugar is extremely yin and the meat is extremely yang. When eaten together they balance each other. Once you have become vegetarian, if you eat them separately you will throw you body energy out of balance enough to make you uncomfortable but not enough to make you feel 'sick'. During the transition learn how to use honey. Honey comes in many kinds--explore their tastes. Also the honey in health food stores is much different from that in supermarkets. Supermarket honey is as phony as supermarket hamburger. Sometime I'm going to explain the difference, but not now.
Should you quit meat and sugar suddenly, you are likely to become ill in about a month. The body can't take the sudden shift and it will rebel by causing dis-ease. Also, you will not be able to learn a new style of cooking so quickly and will likely become bored, even under-nourished, because your digestion can't process the new foods without some change-over time. Your digestive system is complex and needs to remodel itself slowly. The small creatures that live in your gut-tube and help you eat your food died off from the chemicals in supermarket food and need to be replaced by healthy new creatures. Keep your internal zoo healthy.
At the outset of the change you will need to become acquainted with 'steamed' methods of cooking. Get an Oriental wok and two bamboo steamer baskets with lid. The wok can be inexpensive, the baskets will cost more. Woks with lids can often be found in thrift stores where people have tried them and given up too soon. With the wok you will need a metal lid, a ring to set it on over the flame, a stir-fry paddle and a wooden spoon or two. The whole lot will cost about $50.
Then you will need a cookbook. Get a simple one to start with, then a fancy one if you want to do a gourmet or elegant style of meal. There is a book called simply "The Wok Book" - its a good one. There are also many macrobiotic cookbooks for beginners.
Some of the new foods may taste funny a first. Miso and tamari (Japanese soy sauce) are two of these. They are essential ingredients in the 'vegetarian' cuisine. A taste for them takes a little time to acquire. In a few weeks you will get used to them and even miss their flavor. There is one caution however - these foods are fermented and need to be cooked for only a minute or two. Eaten raw they will cause stomach problems eventually so you must cook them for a minute and change their enzyme structure a little. Learning to eat miso is a great advantage however. Miso removes heavy metals from the body. Everything from mercury to strontium 90. If you plan to have children, removal of strontium 90 from your body keeps the baby from glowing in the dark. It even removes the preservatives from treated lumber used to make porches around the house; these chemicals are extremely poisonous to children who play on the lumber of the porch floors.
The Russians even used it on the people around the Chernobyl disaster but not until 1995 or so. The American news media of course ignored this completely, they are not interested in anything about health unless they can make money from it.
Here are some handy tips on vegetarian cooking that will make life easier.
Cut your vegetables at a very strong slant; they cook quicker that way. Cutting lengthwise or crosswise will leave you with raw chunks in otherwise over-cooked vegetables. Cut up all your vegetables before you start cooking and stack them about the cutting board. Surprise! It takes 45 minutes to cut up the vegetables and 5 minutes to cook them.
Different vegetables cook in different times. Learn which cook slower and which cook faster. Whether making soups or stir fries, put the long cooking vegetables like carrots in first, then slowly add the others, one at a time in the order of their cooking times, tougher ones before tender ones. This gets everything done to tenderness at the same (or nearly the same) time.
Add herbs, garlic and miso at the end so as not to overcook them and destroy their goodness. The smell of the herbs is due to their essential oils evaporating into the air and not getting to your mouth, tongue and stomach. Also learn to like garlic. Garlic is one of the healthiest food/herbs the human race has discovered. Snobs who refuse garlic have more colds and flus than vegetarians.
Learn to cook beans and split peas and lentils 2 or 3 times a week. Cooking with mushrooms and cumin removes the gas. Also a teaspoon of oil added before serving controls gas. Beans are a vital part of a meatless diet, especially during winter. They are also a very chap source of protein. The human race as a whole eats more beans than meat.
Here are some healthy things to get used to and discover how tasty they can be: Buckwheat, short-grain-brown rice, yellow millet, barley, yogurt - the real stuff - onions, salads with various greens besides lettuce, sprouts of many kinds, cayenne pepper (a tiny pinch at first), fresh fruit, nuts, tofu in summer, mushrooms, flours made of different grains like oats, rye, corn, buckwheat, etc. and dried fruit in winter.
If you get to confused and have no knack for making food tasty, find someone who teaches macrobiotics and take some lessons. Macrobiotics is an excellent system. A thousand years ago the Chinese dietary system invaded Japan and took on a lot of Japanese characteristics and then became Macrobiotics. Then Mishio Kushi brought the system to Boston where it took hold. Kushi also became very wealthy here. However, Macro is a bit narrow for the American climate and needs to be broadened after 2 or 3 years. Beyond 4 years, it will cause dry wrinkly skin and create an urge for cigarettes, hard liquor and coffee. Strange but true.
While you are eliminating meat and sugar, get rid of "milk". The milk sold in supermarkets is a disgrace to a cow. It has everything saleable removed from it to make latex paint and Elmer's Glue. There is nothing left in the milk except a thin blue color (Isn't milk supposed to be white?). I am "lactose intolerant" to supermarket milk but guzzle real cow and goat milk with no side effects. Also, radioactive fallout is increasing at a rapid rate and milk concentrates the Strontium 90 part of the fallout and causes bone cancer, particularly in young children.
The reasons for not eating meat are many. My reason is chemistry - the chemistry they feed cows, chickens, pigs and others to make them grow faster and cheaper. This chemistry would amaze you if you knew what it is. It is poisonous to humans.
Three or six months after you have made the change, eat some meat or sugar. It will make you sick. Then you will find out why so many people quit. You will need to do this to prove to yourself how eating affects your health.
Then learn how to be a vegetarian gourmet. Its not difficult and can be delicious quite easily. An herbal white sauce on steamed veggies has 1,000 variations, all delicious, gourmet delicacies.
Post script:
This was written in 1985 so you must add the bit that everything should be "organic". NOT: USDA organic! The Chicken industry has futtsed with USDA rules and regulations department so that a chicken can be called 'free range' if it can look out a window and see grass! I bought some USDA Organic tomatoes a few weeks ago and accidentally let one of them sit on the shelf for two weeks. It didn't rot or spoil: not only was it not organic, it had been irradiated and was too dead to rot! Its companions on the bunch didn't taste very good either.

Grandfather's Cupboard

If your grandfather had been a healer and herbalist, you could go to his cupboard and found many marvelous things to heal your ailments. Herbs, teas, cookies and foods, all put there by someone who wanted to keep his family and neighbors healthy. If he had been Chinese, you might have found a lot of foods and recipes there that would heal your illnesses. Herbs would be there too, but there would be a lot of simple foods with herbal properties. The herbal properties of food are the nutritional system of China. The medicinal properties of herbs belong to the practice of herbal medicine, the nutritional properties of food belong in the kitchen.
Here in the U S A. the dominant medical system ignores the nutritional properties of food and use only pharmaceutical pills for healing/curing ailments. But early in my Hippie days, I learned "You are what you eat."
In twenty years as a healer, I have used 'food' as part of the healing process. I was practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for short}, herbalism in the Chinese method, and dietary changes in the Chinese way. Dr Henry Lu of Vancouver, British Columbia, was the source of my first explorations into food. He called the system the Five Phases or Five Elements of food. From this beginning, came the short essays in this collection. These essays are part of my treatments for AIDS, cancer, persistent diarrhea, Flu, hemorrhoids, and almost every ailment a body can manifest.
Cookies are important. Ginger Snaps with essential oil of lemon is good for recovery from the alcoholism of the Holidays Festive Season. They also improve digestion and anemia. Cookies are important food.
So read these essays on food and become what you eat - healthy and happy.
You Are What You Eat
This paraphrase first came into my awareness in the late 1960's as I drifted out of the 'real' world and into the counterculture -- the hippies. Along with this awareness comes health food, herbalism, alternative medicine, etc, etc, etc.
The second awareness came from "The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine" the Chinese medical encyclopedia written 2936 BC. The second paragraph states: ".. the people should be content with whatever delicious foods as available to them..." (Henry Lu's translation). I think this means within 50 miles of where you live.
Then, there appeared in the Hare Krishna Cookbook (a monumental culinary masterpiece) at the heading of one of the chapters a quotation from Pythagoras the mathematician/herbalist "You are what you eat". Same phrase.
Then there was my stepfather who told me "The farmer always eats first." I don't know just how it fits in here, but today it tells me that I had better grow my own food if I want to be healthy.
What do you eat? Who are you? To find out, take a can off something out of your cupboard or off a grocery store shelf and read the list of ingredients from the BOTTOM UP not he top down. The first time you find something you cannot pronounce, it is not food: food words are simple words. It is a poison to preserve freshness, a preservative poison. If you eat it you have poisoned yourself, you are toxic.
Being poisoned is what the cancer epidemic is all about.
The short essays are discussions of what you can do to change who you are by eating differently.
"Some books are to be tasted, others are to be swallowed and some few are to be chewed and digested..." (Francis Bacon, circa 1600 AD)
Thank you for nibbling here.


Conji - Breakfast of Oriental Champions

Conji (or conjee) is the 'chicken soup' of the Orient. It is fed to people who are so sick that they haven't the strength to digest ordinary food. It is also a staple breakfast food. And in the martial arts schools, it is the high energy breakfast that keeps the students kicking high and punching hard.
This marvel of the Eastern world is very simple to make. First, prepare a basic grain mix: One pound of short grain brown rice and a heaping tablespoon or more of adzuki beans or red kidney beans. Second, get out your crockpot and put in three-quarters cup of water and one quarter cup of rice/bean mix and a quarter teaspoon of finely chopped ginger root. Turn your crockpot on its lowest setting - about 125 to 160 degrees F. Let it cook overnight. Or: put the mix in a glass or stainless steel thermos at bedtime and pour boiling water over it and close the thermos. In the morning, add honey to taste and it is ready to eat.
It is important not to boil the grains as boiling kills a lot of the good nutrients in conji.
There are many variants on conji. This first variant has to do with a caution for people who get oral herpes (cold sores) or red in the face or who sunburn or run fevers easily. These are indicators of a of heat dis-ease in the body and adding more than a little ginger or any cinnamon or any cardamom is putting unnecessary heat in the body. (Ed: see the article on Hot And Cold Foods.) These people will find walnuts, which help contain the fire in the kidneys, a good addition to the conji.
The rice and ginger feed the Metal element of the body and help the lungs take in the oxygen prana and the Po Chi to create "git up and go". A little cinnamon helps the Fire element keep the body warm. The beans help the Water element cope with the energy rush. The honey gets the Earth element (stomach and spleen) busy doing the digestion process.
People who are really sick and even those who are basically well will have a better day with conji for breakfast. Were it up to me I would put conji on every hospital menu. For those people with parasites in their gut, conji strengthens the large intestine to throw the varmints out. Conji also lightly flushes the lymphatic system.
More variations. English or black walnuts fresh from the shell strengthen the water element and makes men's cum thick and lumpy and fertile (this takes at least one month).
If you haven't cleaned your colon of accumulated crap, add a teaspoon of psyllium seeds or husks to the stew for a little intestinal scrub down.
If you tend to feel blue or feel sorry for yourself (depression) put a dash of Angostura Bitters or gentian bitters in the bowl before stirring in the honey. There's a smile all day in a shake of Angostura. Sometimes I add a few hops before cooking for the same reason.
If the day is hot, a few drops of health food store vanilla will cool you off and make you feel happy too.
This breakfast is so nutritious that a body can get tired of it. Or to put it another way with the same meaning: you might become over-fed and not want any more but want something different to feed the body different nutrition not conji. (Yes, the body can be over-fed on too much of a good food. This happens rarely if you eat out of an ordinary supermarket because the food there is very low on nutrition.)
For those people who have colitis problems will find short grain brown rice conji very helpful; and if their spleen meridian is working properly, they will really like this breakfast.
Here are some of the variations I use to round out my grain intake among the five elements and provide variety to the flavor of conji. These are all replacements for the short grain brown rice. Keep the other ingredients just the same.
Oats and barley have a Scotch flavor. The Scots probably ate this as porridge long before they ever heard of China.
Equal parts of barley or spring wheat (wood element), millet (earth and fire elements), oats (metal) and rye (earth element) make a more earthly mix with more of a balance among the five elements, especially if I put a little corn meal or popcorn (fire element). Adding a little buckwheat on a cold day adds a little water element the breakfast.
Millet alone is very good for a variation especially in hot weather or during the months of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio when the seasons are changing. Spring wheat and rye are a great combination too. With a little caraway seed and organic lemon peel, its like rye toast with jelly on it. These two grains do not explode like rice and millet do, so I sometimes run them through my Corona grain mill and break them up a little and help them cook softer. Otherwise they take a lot of chewing.
Adding buckwheat in the winter creates body heat for those who work outside and want to enjoy the cold weather. It is also particularly good for those with arthritis (the kind with cold joints) and those with excess water weight.
If you sprout the grains for a couple of days, cook them at a lower temperature, say about 120-140 degrees F. Dr. Christopher, an eminent herbalist, and the Aquarian Age Gospel are big on this method. Dr. Christopher says that the grains will still grow if planted.
Don't forget to chew the grains well. Chewing mixes in the saliva and enhances digestion. If you bolt it down quickly, you will miss most of the nutrition because saliva is necessary for digestion. You might even direct a kind thought towards the people who helped you fill your belly. Be good to your food: for in the next 24 hours it will become part of you.
I want to thank Bob Flaws of the Blue Poppy Chi Kung Association of Boulder Colorado for introducing me to this food. It was a fine gift.
ADDENDUM: After twenty years of practicing Chinese Medicine, I have learned that Short Grain Brown Rice conji is an extraordinary detoxifying herb/food When a client needs detoxifying, three days of eating nothing but short grain brown rice conji (as described in the second paragraph) will start detox quickly. This now begins the treatment for candida, cancer, AIDS, drug addiction and the Gulf War Syndrome.

Severe Sunburn

Heat Dis-ease
A Second degree sunburn is one which hurts so much you can't sleep while laying on it. It will also bubble up in the skin and the skin will peel off in a few days. If this happens once or twice in a lifetime the person will be: 1) hot in the summer more than most folks, 2) red in the face, ears, tongue tip and finger tips and 3) run fevers and sore throats easily. Their everyday body temperatures may be 99.6 or more, even 101. These are the symptoms of 'Heat Dis-ease' in Chinese medicine.
If the severe sunburns happen to a boy before the age of twelve, his penis will be small and reddish and the nipples large and reddish. He will likely orgasm too quickly during sex.
White skinned people get sunburned easily. Red haired and blond haired people almost always get sunburned and have heat dis-ease. Black/brown skinned people do not get sunburned, they get heat dis-ease from drinking alcohol too much. Lots of folks get heat dis-ease from alcohol.
Spinal meningitis and rheumatic heart disease also cause heat dis-ease.
Heat dis-ease can be treated by acupresure/acupuncture, herbalism and diet. The essay on 'Hot And Cold Foods' describes some of the dietary methods. People with heat dis-ease should never eat cinnamon, cardamom and ginseng, and only small amounts of ginger, garlic and cayenne. They will often get sore throats a few days later or on the full moon.
Vanilla and organic chocolate are herbs which cool out the Heat. Spearmint also works very well.
People with severe heat dis-ease live in air-conditioning constantly. If they suffer badly they should move to Seattle where the weather is cold and rainy almost always.

Hot and Cold Foods

Pease porridge hot, pease porridge cold;
Pease porridge in the pot, nine days old.
Split pea soup is a delight on a cold winter evening with celery, carrots, onion and garlic. And I like lemonade in the summer with just a little honey. Watermelon on a hot day and cinnamon rolls on a frosty morning are just the right things at the right time of year. Some foods make us hot and some foods make us cold and that's what this story is about: heating and cooling.
Not so long ago, before the trucking industry brought oranges up north in December, we ate in the winter what grew in our own neighborhood. Squashes and potatoes and onions were winter fare and watermelons were for hot August afternoons. Then, no one ate winter squash in the summer, it just didn't taste right. And watermelons and oranges were not available in December. Now, with supermarkets and fleets of trucks, we can have these anytime we want, straight from Mexico or Australia. We can have oranges in December, but if you will notice carefully, along with the taste of oranges, comes a chill. That's because oranges make our bodies cold. It's wonderful in July on hot days, but bad in winter.
Long ago, the Chinese physicians discovered that some foods make us hot and some foods make us cold. They also learned to use hot and cold foods medicinally. If a patient has a fever, give him/her something to cool the body. If chills are a problem, give him/her something to warm him/her up. For the chilled feeling, put a pinch of ginger in a cup of hot water and drink it. Ginger is recognized as hot. However, if a person with a 'cold sore' or herpes of the mouth drinks ginger tea, she/he will have two herpes in the morning. Herpes in the mouth is a disease caused by too much heat in the body and ginger aggravates it.
Here are some "hot' foods to warm up with: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom ginseng, mustard, papaya, winter squash, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, and pumpkin. Foods with cold effects are oranges, turmeric, tomatoes, pineapples, cucumbers, eggplant, vanilla, carob, chocolate, and most mints. (Turmeric is a spice.} These are the foods the Chinese use for medicinal effects in sick persons. There also numerous herbs with similar effects.
In general, foods that ripen during hot weather are 'cold' and those which ripen in the fall and are stored for winter use are 'warm' or 'hot'. Foods trucked into supermarkets from Florida or Mexico in the winter are tropical and almost always cold producing. The popular use of orange juice in the winter undoubtedly produced more colds, flus and runny noses than it is supposed to cure. {If it is vitamin C you lack, eat cabbage, brocccoli, white potatoes, hot peppers and rose hip tea. Wild elderberries and black currants are very old European and American sources of vitamin C. and old herbal treatments for colds. However, NEVER boil these foods: boiling destroys vitamin C. Always steam them to preserve the vitamin C. The way Americans boil food makes vitamin C pills necessary.}
Some diseases are 'hot' and some are 'cold'. Fevers are hot and chills are cold. With mild diseases which have mild effects, eat cold foods and spices to cool the body and hot foods to warm the body.
Here are some 'hot' diseases: Herpes of the mouth and tongue and any feverish disease whatever. Eczema and dry skin rashes. Jock itch. Any person who has had a very high fever, above 104 degrees Farrenheit, at any time during their life is likely to have fevers frequently and would find cold foods helpful when they feel a fever coming on. Often, these folks run around on a snowy day with only a light sweater on. These folks could eat oranges in January just so they can feel cold like ordinary folks. Eating oranges in January seems unusual but it is very effective in in getting the body back to normality. Hot body conditions are usually the aftereffects of acute sunburn, massive scalds or fire burns, spinal meningitis, rheumatic heart disease and scarlet fever.
Some cold diseases are the common cold (without fever), constantly cold feet, the watery forms of overweight (edema). These diseases are usually the aftereffects of getting "chilled to the bone" so much that it takes a couple of hours to get warm again. These people can stand to eat a lot of hot foods whenever they feel chilled. They also seldom ever get herpes of the mouth. My body is often cold and to normalize it I eat hot foods quite often, especially in winter.
I might also say that I am seldom hot in the summer because I eat a lot of cold foods then.
Using these foods in everyday cooking is a good way of controlling many chronic ailments which are accompanied by constantly feeling hot or cold. The Chinese discovered this long time ago and I have found their discoveries very useful. You can too.
For lovers and households, these spices and flavorings can be problematic. One person feels feels cold constantly and another feels warm. It is more than open windows, it is a problem with the way different bodies work. Where there is more than one person eating, a good solution is to put the hot and cold spices on a tray on the table for individual choice and use. Then everyone can eat what is best for him/her and no one needs be miserable.
We are all different in many, many ways. The foods and spices which are good for one may be poisonous or nearly so for another. Celebrate our differences and feed them well.
Pea soup can be made hot or cold depending on how you like it. Though I've never made it with orange juice and coconut, it might be good that way on a hot day in August; With carrots and onions it is an appropriate winter food to get warm by.

Picture of Health

(written 1985)
During my last stay in San Francisco, I often walked the streets becoming aware of what the AIDS diseases have done for gay people. Not the negative things like panic and fear, but the positive things like hugging and visible affection. Not friends who pass beyond our awareness, but the glow of health on the faces of those gotten their health trip together.
One of the primary features of health diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine (hereinafter TCM) is the face. The colors and lines of the face are a direct consequence of the health of the body. I spend half my diagnostic interview noticing the colors, lines, textures, musculature and movements on the faces of my clients.
Most of the signs of good health are well known even though not well understood. Pink cheeks are a good example. When the Chi energy is well balanced, the cheeks have a nice reddish-pink glow right where the rouge goes for those fake it. Not a large blotch of red, but a glow of pink. Too much red shows an excess of chi and a likelihood of oral herpes or acne from Chi out of control (sometimes called Yang Rushing). On the other hand, pale cheeks show a basic lack of the Chi energy and little git-up-and-go.
Behind the pink cheeks should be a peaches and cream complexion like alabaster - but this is so rarely seen that most readers could not believe it. All five colors of thee body are present on a very healthy person - white, blue, green, red and yellow, intermixed and fused like the colors of a fire opal. All the colors are balanced and the skin is smooth like a baby's. Too much white is a metal element imbalance. Too much red is a fire element imbalance. Too much brown (not suntan) is a bad water element (kidney and bladder). Too much yellow indicates an imbalanced spleen, pancreas, stomach and earth element. A greenish hue ( a little green under the gills) comes from a distressed liver and gallbladder. Too much of one color usually denotes and excess imbalance while too little of a color suggests a deficiency imbalance.
Coilor around the eyes is due to a poor liver in combination with whatever other element shows its colors there. Why people wear dark eye shadow to look unhealthily beautiful is beyond my understanding. Eye shadow turns me off - it looks like hepatitis or a tired worn out kidney or too many chemicals for the liver and spleen to process out of the body or too much alcohol.
Lines across the forehead show a disturbed liver also. Usually from too much mental activity like worry and anger.
Vertical lines between the eyebrows reflect spleen, pancreas and stomach problems in combination with the liver problem shown on the forehead.
Lines that go from the side of the nose down around he mouth indicate problems with the large intestine like colitis, diarrhea, constipation, parasites or just poor digestion. Lines at the corner of the mouth that look like parentheses show stomach problems of some sort.
Lips like cherries remind me of Robert Burns' love poems. Also they show a healthy stomach, spleen and pancreas resulting in a healthy, well-fed, vigorous blood. Pale lips show a weak stomach or spleen , poor digestion, poor diet and a resultant lack of energy. A sixteen year old man I knew had beautiful cherry lips until one weekend when he went away and did some drug or another. When he came back his lips were pale and sickly looking for a week.
And the tories that eyes tell! Speak to me of love and healthiness: bright eyes of a healthy body, sparkling with energy - sexual, balanced and vigorous. Eyes with clear whites of a healthy metal element - no AIDS! Yellowing indicates a weak large intestine or lymph, cloudiness a weak lung.
Lines that run out from the outer corners of the eyes (crows feet) show a weak Triple Warmer and a poor distribution of the Fire energies of the body. No lines is a sign of health. Those lines that turn up show difficulties in the organs of the head chest, heart and diaphragm (the Upper Warmer). Lines that stretch straight out show problems somewhere between the chest and belly button, in the stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and/or gall bladder (the Middle Warmer). Lines that turn down show weakness in the bowels, kidney, bladder and gonads (the Lower Warmer); sexual energy depletion is reflected here very quickly.
Pinkish ears are are a good sign. When they get red, the fire energies are in excess like during a fever. Pale ears are from a weakness of Chi energy.
Then there is the hair. What a joy to run the fingers through healthy hair! Soft, shiny, lightly oily, resilient and springy. all these are good signs of a healthy kidney and gonads. Dry brittle hair or greasy hair are signs of an unhealthy body. No shampoo can ever correct this: only a healthy diet can make hair look healthy.
The cosmetics industry is a health related business. All the cosmetics I have ever heard off are for the purpose of making someone who is sick appear healthy. Rouge, lipstick, face powder, eye drops, flavored and bleaching toothpastes - all these temporarily restore that healthy look. But all the president's cosmetologists and all the politicians powder puffs can't put Humpty-Dumpty back together again.
I don't use soap or any other Madison Avenue emollients. Instead I bathe in clear water, eat well, do some exercises and get a good nights sleep. These are now and always have been the best beauty aids known. And it shows right up front where everyone can see it.
While all these lines and colors are indications of health, don't panic or leave your lover because of a blemish or two. A person in perfect health is a real rarity. Maybe one in ten thousand or a hundred thousand enjoy perfect health. Keep as healthy as you like, but don't expect perfection. Feeling good is enough for most of us.
This essay topic is of the facial characteristics of a healthy body: those features we all recognize as the "glow of health". The purpose for writing it is to help us recognize the ailments before they become serious illnesses and to encourage us to eat well and get a good nights sleep.

Corn and Red Millet and Sorghum

Corn was the principal grain of the American continents before Columbus arrived. The Indians have a thousand ways of cooking it, from soup to tortilla to hominy to popcorn. The Indians were and are also one of the most 'spiritual' peoples about the planet.
The Traditional Chinese doctors recognize the corn is in the Fire element which is the spiritual section of the Five Elements. The spirituality they recognize is the spiritedness of children, the sense of well being, the feeling of being in tune with the around you, the natural world.
In my experiments with this grain I find also a sense of being 'in time' and comfort when I eat lots of corn. I feel it even more when I eat red millet, another grain of the fire element. The current use of red millet is in bird seed: it is the tiny red seed in the mix. It makes canaries sing a lot. It is the grain of happiness. A cake made of red millet and eaten at breakfast makes the grumbling of the mind go silent all day!
Corn is almost always ground into flour before cooking. Hominy is the exception. I think is flavor and nutrition are best when fresh ground like aborigines do it Though I use a grain mill and not a mortar and grinding stone.
After grinding, you can do many things. One off these is polenta.
Polenta is anything from a soup to mush. First, get some water boiling in your pan. Add a pinch of wood ash, Indian style. Then, add the meal slowly to the water, stirring briskly with a whisk to prevent lumps. Stir well until the mixture thickens somewhat and becomes soupy.
If you want a soup, add 1/3 to 1/5 as much meal as you have water. This will be sort of runny in the end. Then add spices like celery seed, caraway, hot pepper or fennel seed, or whatever pleases you. Or add vegetables like pepper and onions, Indian turnips, carrots, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, etc, etc. This concoction will end up as the main dish of the meal. One could also add raisins, dried fruit, chopped nuts and sunflower seeds an end up with a 'desert'. Even a little honey.
If you add more corn to the boiling water, up to 1/4 or 1/3, the soup will get very thick and need to be cooked in a double boiler so it doesn't get scorched on the bottom. This mix can be cooked from ten minutes to four hours, depending on how you like it. When cooking is over and it has cooled, you will have a solid mass which can be cut up into slices and fried. This is what I call 'mush' and is an old farmers favorite. The mush can be flavored any way you like it from cracklins to dates. When I was growing up, this was often breakfast on a cold morning, and had my great uncle's maple syrup all over it.
Then, of course , there is cornbread. I make cornbread by the Betty Crocker method. Two to four cups of corn meal, 1/2 to 1 cup wheat flour, one egg (or a big tablespoon of arrowroot or kudzu or cornstarch) and a half teaspoon of baking powder. Add enough water to make a batter. Beat it good. Pour it in a greased and floured pan and bake for half an hour at 350 degrees F.
That's basic cornbread or pancakes even. Next come the modifications that make the differences.
Fresh ground popcorn or blue corn is so delicious you would not believe it. You haven't tasted corn until you've eaten fresh ground, especially popcorn. Be careful grinding popcorn into flour with an electric grain mill: it is extremely hard grain and can destroy an electric mill if you feed the popcorn into it too fast. I like to use corn that is as close to species as I can get. No hybrids bred for color or profit, just species bred for taste by the Corn Mother: colored Halloween corn and all the many kinds of popcorn.
A pinch of wood ash is very native, the grain needs some alkalai. Organic ash, please. Some of our deadliest wood preservatives survive fire and end up in the ashes. No boards at all, just twigs and branches should be put in your fire to make ashes. Milo Guthrie even makes his fire with flint and steel because he is a purist.
For different tastes use fennel seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds, anise, celery seed, separately or in combination. Add a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper for the Metal element balance.
Red millet is a fire element grain which is a little too fiery to eat unmixed. I use it half and half with something else. We've been eating it for over a year now [that was in 1985], but I find that my day is always a happy one when I have a cake with reed millet in it. Probably because it has a vitamin in it found only in bird seed, Red millet is only available at pet food stores and Chinese herb sores. A word of caution is necessary here. People who have reddish faces or a red tip on their tongue most likely will not like red millet and should not eat it anyway - it will make them too hot for comfort. NEVER feed it to someone who has a fever, it will make them more sick. Red millet is also not recommended when you have a cold, constipation, diarrhea, pneumonia or AIDS, especially during AIDS.


(written 2007)
Sorghum is a grain in the millet family with a sugary sap in the cane. If you drive past a field of it, it looks like corn or sugar cane. A few farmers grow it, squeeze the juice out and boil it down to make a thick syrup to be used like maple syrup is used.
Sorghum syrup makes the body cold which is especially nice on a hot day in summer. If you have a reddish face, it will give you relief from the heat.
The grain from sorghum is eaten in many places around the world but seldom ever in the U.S. I have eaten very little of it, but enough to recognize that it is a Fire Element grain. Grind it into flour and cook it the same ways you cook corn.
The 'English' walnut is perhaps the most common of nuts currently eaten by Americans. Each year at holiday season around Winter Solstice and Christmas, etc., we remove our fancy nut bowls from the top shelf in our kitchens, search out the nutcracker, then fill the bowl to overflowing. The 'English' Walnut is very popular because it is so easy to crack and get the meat out. Except for hazelnuts and almonds, they are the simplest.
Behind this simplicity lies a long history which is quite a surprise. First off, the nut came from Persia (currently Iraq) and not England. From prehistoric times these nuts have carried all over the world from China to England and America. For thousands of years the lowly walnut has been prized for its extraordinary nutritional values: it makes men's dicks hard.
The Romans gave it the name Juglans which the modern botanists still use: Juglans is its proper botanical-Latin name. Juglans, according to my botany, translates into 'Jupiter's dick head' because eating walnuts makes men horny. The Chinese who relish their male horniness, have long used the Persian walnut to increase their virility and make their cum lumpy and fertile. Americans and Europeans with their sexual phobias seem to be the only people on Earth who are unaware of this use off walnuts. The Chinese have listed walnuts in their pharmacopoeia for several thousand years at least.
So, if your man's cum has gotten thin and runny or simply quit, you may be able to tease it back into good health by eating about 6 walnuts daily between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. Crack them yourself and eat them fresh. If your health is otherwise good, you will get results in about six weeks - more or less. If your body has given up sex because it is unhealthy, this will not work. You may have to start at the bottom and regain your health first.
Black walnuts, the most common American walnut, are about the same as the Persian walnut. Butternuts or white walnuts also work well and are very delicious too, but are only known to farmers and mountain folk. If you want to grow the Persian walnuts on your own place, plant them on a hillside, they don't like flat places.
Eat them raw. Cooking always destroys something virtuous. Eat them on an empty stomach and give them an hour to digest before eating something else. Some food-combining folks prefer to eat some seeds like sunflower or peanuts (organic) or tahini at the same time to help digestion.
Walnuts feed the 'Kidney Yin' energies as the Chinese describe them. One of the side effects of eating walnuts is the removal of bags under the eyes, a sure sign of 'kidney yin deficiency'. Local Black Walnuts are best but they are hell to crack. Special nutcrackers are made for them.
A few walnuts boiled briefly and eaten at bed time make a wonderful 'sleeping pill' too. If you wake up at night to pee, this will likely stop. However if you get up several times a night to pee, eating boiled walnuts may only reduce the number of times you get up. In this case it is time to change your diet to vegetarian and visit a Chinese herbalist.
And feed them to your boyfriend too.
P.S. Walnuts are also good for women, but not quite the same way.
Post Script #2 This was written in 1985. Since then I have learned the remarkable medicinal value of this tree. Another essay will be written about medicine in the herbal section.

The Yang That Rushes, Herpes

Cold sores have been around for a long, long time but recently they have become dignified by the name 'herpes'. We used to call them fever blisters because they happened mostly during fevers with colds. - short fevers which never went over 101 or 102 degrees F.
Where do they come from? Where do they go? Are they really a sexually transmitted disease? What can one do to get rid of them?
Allopathic medicine claims they are infections of a virus they call herpes, Chinese medicine is not concerned about what virus is there but with why the body let it (the virus) in. That is because Traditional Chinese Medicine is primarily preventative while allopathic medicine is only curative.
So, this essay is about how to prevent herpes on the mouth, tongue and under the tongue. Many more of the diseases caused by Yang Rushing will get scrutinized also.
According to Chinese medical research, herpes is one manifestation of a whole class of diseases named categorically 'Yang Rushing'. These diseases are almost always an after-effect of very high fever diseases like spinal meningitis, rheumatic heart disease, scarlet fever and second or third degree sunburn, the kind that causes skin to die and peel off. (Two of these diseases, AIDS and skin cancer, will not be discussed here.) The yang energies of the body get severely disturbed during these high fever diseases and never really settle back into their proper places again. The yang energies get out of control occasionally, and when conditions are right, they will burst out into a rash or sore on the skin.
I have seen and worked with these ailments with enough people to realize that the Chinese medical conclusion is valid and the treatments effective.
For starts, let's look at the common cold sore or fever blister on the lips or inner cheeks. Here, the yang energy rushes up against the stomach meridian. The ancient treatment is two-fold. First, eat a lot of 'cold' foods like oranges (mandarins are best), coconut, lemons, bananas, pineapples, tomatoes and the spices turmeric, vanilla and spearmint. Sometimes oranges and turmeric will abolish the sores overnight. Second, quit eating cinnamon , cardamon and ginseng. Cut ginger down to a small pinch. These foods are 'hot' and only make the yang rush faster. Then, after the sore goes away, keep on eating these foods and add rye, yellow millet and barley to your diet. If you had been eating these foods before, you would have been far less likely to get cold sores at all.
Some people whose energy balance is fragile can create a cold sore by merely eating a little cinnamon, ginger or cardamom. Red haired and blond people seem most susceptible this way: they sunburn very easily.
When the sore appears on the tongue, the yang is rushing up against the heart meridian and there is little difference in the treatment recommended. The same 'cold' foods (oranges, lemons, bananas, coconuts, tomatoes and turmeric) are effective in prevention and correction. The grain to be added after healing is corn, even popcorn.
When the sores go under the tongue, the problems have moved to the spleen and blood and it is time to see an herbalist and get your food trip together. Your diet is lousy.
Yang Rushing has many other manifestations. One man got a horrible rash on the white part of his eyeball; an allopath called it 'herpes of the eye'. The yang had rushed up against his gallbladder meridian. A couple of acupressure treatments on the liver and gallbladder meridian cleared it up handily. The villain here was some cocaine which gave him more rushes than his body could handle.
Eczema rashes in various places around the body are also evidence of yang energy rushing about particularly against the heart meridian, Eczemas are typically dry rashes which get scaly all over and are messy to look at. In the extreme they erupt in the armpits and the center of the chest or create 'jock itch'. Eating any kind of 'cold' food is helpful and avoiding 'hot' foods including coffee, chocolate, white sugar and Angostura Bitters. Get bottle of orange essential oil or dried orange peel for your spice rack and use it daily. Coconut in and over lots of deserts. Then visit an acupressurist, acupuncturist or shiatzu practitioner.
A friend of mine even had a herpe on his ear, right on the triple warmer spot, after eating ginger.
One of the best foods to eat to control the rushing yang energy is walnuts. The walnuts are reputed to feed the kidney meridian including the gonads and adrenals. When these parts are in good working order they hold the yang in control and store it for future use. There are side benefits here in making the cum healthy, lumpy and white while preventing premature orgasm.
Another manifestation of yang rushing is the premature orgasm. Orgasms of men involve a lot of yang energy and when the body has poor control of the energy, the orgasm erupts quickly and erratically.
Genital herpes and anal herpes are a different story. Here, the liver and bladder meridians are involved and the food that seems to be missing is salad: lots of good lettuce (dont waste time on iceberg), spinach, turnip greens, alfalfa sprouts, mung bean sprouts and a few leaves of any wild thing which is edible. I use avocados freely. Avocados work wonders with "athletes foot' rash between fourth and fifth toes. I dont guarantee this as i have only seen about three or four cases, but it seems to work well.
Yang Rushing is a whole sequence of diseases which are accompanied by red faces and noses and ears and great sensitivity to sunburn. People with these symptoms can eat 'cold' foods all winter and have excellent health, while the rest of us would get colds and flus if we are the same things.
No, Yang Rushing is not sexually transmitted. The sexophobes are at it again. The diseases are an after-effect of high fevers and what you ate, not who you ate.

Chinese Breathing Exercise

Very Simple
Stand in grass still wet with dew, facing East. Or, at least near an open window. Place feet as far apart as shoulders are wide.
Point toes slightly inward.
Bend/Break knees slightly forward.
Thrust hips slightly forward.
Straighten spine a little, pull chin into chest slightly.
Raise arms almost to shoulders as if holding a large ball.
Face palms toward each other as if holding a small ball in fingers. Almost, but not quite, touch fingertips.
Breathe with belly into the Tan Tien. The Tan Tien is halfway between the belly button and the pubic bone.
In the first few days, breathe until giddy or dizzy, usually about 8 breaths. In a few days when the dizziness stops, increase to 16 breaths until dizzy. In a few more days when dizziness stops again, increase to 32 breaths, then 64, until you can do 108 breaths. This is enough.
Do for at least 100 days without stopping. If you miss a day you will need to start all over again at 1 as the results are cumulative day by day but not for two days.
This is a very powerful exercise even though it seems simple. A I was doing it myself I experienced a 'chiropractic' adjustment in my spine several times! Of recent times I use it when my energy is low and it needs replenishing.
In step 0, if you place the right foot a small step in front of the left foot and the right hand forward of the left, you take on the familiar martial arts stance. This variation increases the Yang Chi for those who need a lot of it suddenly.
If, while doing this exercise, you feel a sudden rush of energy up the spine it is your Kundalini energy rising. If you like it make a small hop forward. If you don't want it make a small hop backward.
This exercise is part of those exercises called Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) in China and Japan. There are many such exercises in the Orient.

Yogic Breathing

Lie on your back on the floor or on a very firm pad. Put a small pillow or rolled -up towel under your head/neck to keep the head looking up comfortably.
Place your right hand, palm down., over the lower belly just above the pubic bone. Place your left hand, palm down, over the right hand
Inhale easily into the lungs by pushing the belly up with your diaphragm muscles. Without moving the ribs.
Hold your breath at the top of the inhale for a couple of moments.
Exhale easily relaxing the the belly slowly.
Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 slowly and rhythmically. In...Hold...Out...In..Hold...Out...
In Hatha Yoga this is called he "corpse posture". The breathing is slow and regular: slower is better. After 5 or ten minutes of this style of breathing you will likely feel refreshed and revitalized in a relaxed way.
Babies breath this way.
If you find it difficult to breathe this way while lying down, try sitting on a chair with your hands over your belly as in step one. Then holding your hands against the belly softly.
Inhale easily into the lungs by pushing the belly out with the diaphragm muscles
Hold your breath at the top of the inhale for a moment.
Exhale easily by pulling the belly in easily.
Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 slowly and rhythmically. In...Hold...Out...In...Hold...Out...
This seated version is fundamental to all the practices of meditation used anywhere in the Orient. Or all that I know of.
These two methods of breathing probably have slightly different effects but they are subtle.

Eight Pieces of Brocade

(Made in China)
These eight pieces of brocade are for regenerating health, not for hanging on the walls. They are also not really part of ancient Chinese medicine since they were devised about 500 years ago and not 5000. That makes them fairly modern.
These eight pieces are exercises coming out of the martial arts and Qi Gong traditions of China. The purpose is to stir up and transmute the energies of a sick body to help it get well again. The exercises are simple, direct and easy to do, as you would wish them to be. if you were sick. There are four sets of exercises called Eight Pieces, this one is the simplest. The most complex form could blow the fuses in your Kundalini.
This set of Eight Pieces are best done sitting on the floor on a small pillow, cross-legged but can be done from a chair or even seated on a bed. I did them for a 100 days and even though I was not sick, the doing of them opened a new era of health in my life.
So it isn't necessary to be sick to do the Eight Pieces, but the results are are bound to be more noticeable with sick people. When a person has a chronic, long-term ailment, noticeable results should begin happening within a a week or two. If well people do them I would not be surprised to hear that they had raised their Kundalini a notch or two.
So, lets get into it. Take off your metal jewelry and get naked. Sit facing east, cross-legged on the floor or on an armless chair. To get the chi energy moving, rub your hands together briskly or rub them on your thighs vigorously.
First Piece
Place the left palm over the belly just below the belly-button and the right palm directly over the left palm. Slide your hands all the way to the left, then all the way to the right and back to the center. Rub back and forth 36 times. Stop at the center and hold your hands still for a minute; you might feel tingles in some part of your body as the Chi settles into a new location.
Second Piece
Keep your left hand on your lower belly and reach your right hand around back placing the the palm over the bony part of your pelvis with the fingers pointing down. Rub your palm leftward across the top of your pelvis, down the left side, rightward across the bottom of your pelvis, up the right side, leftwards across the top of your pelvis, down the left side again and on around the circle 36 times. At the end stop moving your hands and let the Chi settle in.
Third Piece
Place the palms of both hands on the back as high under the ribs as you can manage. Rub toward the spine, down the center along the spine to the top of the pelvic bone, outwards along the top of the pelvis towards the sides, upwards along the along the back as high as you can reach easily, inwards to the spine again, then down towards the top of the pelvis, round and round until you have made 36 circles. Stop and let the energy settle.
Fourth Piece
This one has two parts and is called "Pounding the Celestial Drum."
Part One. Put your palms over your ears solidly with the index and middle fingertips at the base of the skull just at the base of the occipital bump there. Then stiffen the index finger, put the middle finger on top of it and snap the middle finger off the index and onto the skull. This makes a "thump" in the ears like the sound of a drum. Thump yourself 36 times.
Part Two. Leave the palms over the ears and the fingers at the base of the skull and click your teeth together lightly 36 times. (Rumor has it that this can cause a third set of teeth o come in!) Rest your hands a minute and give your ears a chance to come back to normal.
Fifth Piece
Raise your right hand over the crown of your head, palm downward. Move your hand up and down with an oval motion about 3 inches high. Do it 36 times before resting. This is called "Priming the Celestial Pump" and it raises the Yang Chi up the Thrusting Cannel. What to do with the left hand? I sit with my left hand under my groin at the lower end of the Thrusting Channel to complete the circuit.
Sixth Piece
Close your mouth and put the tip of your tongue against the teeth and make small clockwise circles with your tongue tip against the teeth and gums. At the same time rotate your eyeballs together with your tongue and as far as your eyes can move about. Coordination is really tricky here for those of us who wear glasses or contacts. Maybe you should remove your contacts first; they might decide to fly out and away.
Make eighteen clockwise circles with the eyes and tongue and then eighteen counter-clockwise circles. End up with a short rest but do not swallow the spit: save it for the next piece.
Seventh Piece
Swish the saliva around all the recesses of the mouth: under your tongue, outside the teeth, through the teeth, at the root of your tongue and everywhere else. This helps the tongue get strong. Don't swallow the saliva yet.
Repeat the whole cleansing of the mouth 9 times.
At the end, swallow the saliva in three gulps. Really get into the swallowing, like a pelican. Stretch your neck up and gulp as if you were swallowing something precious.
This exercise scrubs the mouth out, stimulates the flow of digestive juices and exercises all those important muscles at the back of the throat.
Eighth Piece
Stretch your left leg out in front of you. Put he right foot over the left knee. Grab the right toes with the left hand and rotate the foot and ankle nine times clockwise and then nine times counter-clockwise. Then put your left hand palm over your right foot palm and your right hand palm over your right knee and rub 36 circles in one direction with both hands then 36 circles in the other direction with both hands.
Then uncross your right leg and put your left foot over the right knee and do the same process with your left foot.
Stop and feel the tingle in your feet. The Chi is excited about its new home.
That's all there is to it. Once you get the motions and sequences learned, it takes about twenty minutes.
The best time to do this is the very first thing in the morning before anything else.
Don't eat for a half an hour before or after and no sex for two hours after. The Chinese also specifically warn against doing Eight Pieces during thunderstorms, eclipses or earthquakes which mess up the Earth Chi and your Chi too.
These exercises are very intense. Doing them for 100 days continuously will make an amazing change in your life. Those persons who have done them for 100 days continuously never forget them. Should you ever notice an illness coming on, doing the Eight Pieces for a few days is Preventative Medicine of the best kind! No pills, no herbs, only a little time in the morning to get the day off to a good start.

Introduction to Tantra

(Originally written 1985)
(Additions in 2007)
Sex is a familiar subject in traditional Chinese households. Chinese boys are taught the tantric arts as soon as they are capable of producing cum (semen). At least some of them never masturbate twice! In the US very few of us have that freedom or that sex training. So this paper is to introduce men, especially, to the tantric arts and the concept of "saving seed" and enhancing our own health and increasing our sexual pleasure by using tantric sex-play methods.
The first thing men need to recognize is that the cock has sections of skin that connect to all parts of the body. On the head (glans) there is a narrow strip between the hole and the rim of the head on the top (looking down) that connects to the heart and the blood circulation system. Rubbing this strip causes the heart to beat faster. Try it.
[N.B. The words 'heart', 'liver', 'lung' 'spleen' and 'kidney' refer to the 'organ' meridians of Chinese medicine and not to the organs themselves.]
On both sides of the cockhead are regions connected to the lungs. Rubbing the sides will cause a sharp increase in heavy breathing. Try it. This increases oxygenation of the blood and an increase of energy.
Rubbing, and other nice things, on the cockhead gets a man 'turned on' almost always.
On the right side of the cockshaft and on the inside of the foreskin is an area given to the liver and the muscular system. Rubbing this portion creates subtle changes that enable the whole body to react physically and vigorously.
On the left side of the cockshaft and on the inside of the foreskin is an area given to the spleen. Rubbing this area causes hormonal changes in the blood and also stops the digestive system from working while the man is busy having sex. In general, having sex within an hour after eating confuses the spleen's digestive energy and is not good for health.
Around the cockshaft itself a region devoted to the kidney. When the cock is buried to the hilt, this region stimulates the flow of adrenalin and the urge to 'get moving'.
The liver meridian wraps itself about the base of the cockshaft and is responsible for keeping the shaft hard and erect.
At the base of the cockshaft where it joins the body and on the topside in the middle is an acupuncture point which makes and keeps the cock hard. Stimulating and rubbing this point gives a man a hard-on.
Between the legs and between the testicles and the rectum is an acupuncture point "Meeting Of The Yin" (Conception Vessel #1) which has two main uses in sex. At the beginning of sex play, tickling or licking this spot draws energy into the area and creates sexual excitement. At the end of sex play, rubbing this point disperses the sex energies and deflates the cock. After tantric sex play, rubbing for a minute causes any cum in the prostate to reabsorb into the body and thus conserves the enormous energy it takes to make cum. Rubbing the spot after sex play is the most important part of tantric sex. Failure to rub it can can cause medical problems in the bladder and/or the prostate.
The Chinese consider the the tongue to be a sex organ (in addition to other uses). The tip of the tongue is a region given over to the heart. At the beginning of sex play, this makes 'French Kissing' very exciting and stimulates the heartbeat and blood circulation. (French Kissing was not invented by he French. It was invented by monkeys. I watched a female monkey, in estrous, French Kiss a five year old boy once.) The root of the tongue is is attached to the kidney complex. Thus when the cock is swallowed, there is a Heart-Kidney connection made. This is one thing that makes 69 such a fun sex position. A clitoris makes the same kind of connection since it is a miniature version of penises. Male and female are very similar.
Americans and Europeans, who are not accustomed to very much two person sex play, need to begin the exploration of tantric sexuality through masturbation.
The first thing to learn is how to play with the sexual sensation as much as one can without orgasming. Do it right handed, left handed, two handed, fast, slow, mixed, twist the head, tickle the foreskin or its remnants, slap it against the right leg, the left leg, the belly, bend it down, rub your cock against the belly. Be inventive. Use oil, grease, banana paste, mashed avocado. Just don't hurt yourself. So what if you get tired and exhaust yourself. Let it be: the cock will rise again sooner than you expect. After playing, rub between the legs - Yin Meeting - to re-absorb the cum and preserve the Ching energy.
After playing this way for several times, days, weeks try this. Work your self up to near orgasm with the left hand, then take the right hand and place the middle finger at the base of the cock and start drawing (rubbing up the centerline of the body towards the belly-button while slowly caressing your dick. An inch or two or more up the belly , you will feel a glow sensation spread out from the midline. This is the Ching Chi energy being distributed into the body and healing it. Don't cum. This is a very strong method of healing. Then rub Yin Meeting.
Play with your Self every time you get the urge. The "glow" sensation will increase. As time goes by, you will be able to draw the Ching Chi energy farther up the midline. Don't draw it above the spot where you feel the 'glow'. As time progresses, the places in/on your body where you feel the 'glow' will spread more and more throughout your body.
In a week or so you will notice an increased vitality and an increased horniness and a healthier body. Eat healthy food and get enough sleep. In a month or two you will get the energy drawn up to the notch (wishbone) at the neck and the Ching Chi will rush to your neck and ears or even to the crown of your head. By this time you will also begin to realize why sexual tantra practiced by billions and billions of men. Some of the results you may notice are these.
An increased sensation in the cock which is more pleasurable than orgasm.
An ability to sexplay longer and more vigorously and more often.
Better health, but only if you eat a better diet.
Old sex hang-ups will return but you an get rid of them the same way you got rid of them the first time. The hang-ups will not last more than a few days.
Your attitude toward the world will brighten. This is a normal consequence of tantric practices. Mental health gained this way is called "Samadhi" in religious circles and is a bonafide form of 'enlightenment'
But always rub Yin Meeting
This practice can change your life in amazing ways.
After you have completed this sequence, you are ready for a sex partner. (joke). The process is the same. Play with each others body's toys in as many different ways as you can think of. Fast, slow, fast in slow out, slow in fast out, stir sideways, stir round about, lick, slurp, chew softly, bounce about, change top for bottom, et cetera, et cetera. Be inventive. Every time you get close to orgasm, change what you are doing. When you get VERY close, rub Yin Meeting to relax the 'push' to orgasm. Or get your partner to do it for you. Exhaust yourself without orgasm. Play as often as you can manage. Forget the TV set.
Here's a guide for having orgasms:
Age 16 to 24 - every 8 play sessions.
Age 24 to 32 - every 16 play sessions.
Age 32 to 40 - every 20 play sessions.
Age 40 to 80 - seldom.
Between February 4 and May 4 (Chinese Spring), more often.
Between May 4 and August 4 (Chinese Summer). a little less often.
Between August 4 and November 4 (Chinese Autumn), a lot less often.
Between November 4 and February 4 (Chinese winter), almost never.
But if you just have to do it - cum and clean out your pipes.
Men's physical bodies greatly. These numbers are just numbers. One Chinese Tantric author wrote that at age 63 he still had sex two or three times a day unless he was traveling, when it was more difficult.
Remember to rub Yin Meeting.
Twenty Years Later
This is a reasonable approach to any of the several varieties of Tantric sex practices that I have noticed/done. My favorite variety is Traditional Chinese-Taoist. The best book I know on the subject is The Multi-orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia and Douglas Abrams. Chia is the venerable teacher who usually writes very academically. Abrams describes the process in "street language" and does a beautiful service to America. Thank you Doug!
Thanks to Bill Schreiber who introduced me to the Hawaian variety in 1963 in Los Angeles.
Some women fear that a man who practices tantric sex will not be a good lover. This is definitely not true! A man who practices tantric sex can keep his dick hard for hours and fuck vigorously giving a woman numerous orgasms before the man gets exhausted.
The feeling of "health" is the way a healthy 16 year old man feels on a 'good' day: vigorous, vital, healthy and horny. Black people call them "big dumb cum factories". Chinese doctors recognize this as ordinary behavior at 16. In the Tarot cards (Waite Deck) it is "The Fool" with his clothes on a stick setting out to explore the world and new (sex) adventures.

Disease Prevention and Daily Herbalism

There is one thing about herbalism that is missing in orthodox medicine: prevention. Herbs feed the body and help the body heal itself of dis-ease (illness). Some of them can be used on a daily basis to help the body keep itself healthy and not become dis-eased. Anti-biotics are used to kill the invaders of the body but do nothing to prevent the invasion. Herbs help the body prevent the invasion. Herbs are 'preventative' as well as 'curative'.
Your next question might be: Where are these herbs? Answer: on the shelf of your kitchen. They are the 'culinary' herbs: Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme ... et cetera. These herbs have been used for centuries/millenia as food flavorings but their medicinal qualities are pretty much forgotten. In the last ten years or so this information has come forth again. Here is how I think this happened.
During the Dark Ages the churches killed off the herbalists and with this slaughter the ordinary folks lost knowledge of the medicinal uses of the 'culinaries'. Then, about 1880 (or thereabouts) a German named Ebers, who could read Egyptian hieroglyphics, read a description of the medicinal uses of these plants off the walls of the Physicians Pyramid in Egypt. He translated the text into German and many years later it was translated into English. I found a copy in the Emory University Medical School Library (Atlanta GA) and read it. (One other person had read it in 20 years.) It is titled "The Ebers Papyrus". From this source the medicinal properties of these herbs re-entered common use - through the kitchen.
Other herbs on the kitchen shelves came from the "Spice Islands" of the Orient after 1600. The Chinese and other Orientals used these 'spices' in their cooking and were well aware of the spice's medicinal properties.
As an aside, one author suggested that the 'Sillk Road' (It crosses Asia north of Tibet and Afghanistan between China and Europe.) should have been called the "Ginger Road" because it carried more ginger than silk.
Perhaps you wonder why I wrote all this stuff about history. Well, I think is necessary in order to convince you that these 'culinary' herbs are ancient and honorable medicines. Many thousands of years of use. The way I am going to suggest you use them is based on the habits of cooks for six thousand years or more.
First Step: Go to the Medicinal Herb List and read the list of diseases that this herb has been used to treat. Every time you come to dis-ease you have EVER had at all, put this herb on your shopping list. Include the ailments of the people you cook for also.
Buy an ounce or two of each herb and put them on your shelf in a glass jar with lids. Keep them away from the stove: heat destroys herbs.
Buy your herbs in a health food store. Supermarket herbs are usually crap - irradiated crap at that.
Second Step: As you finish cooking a dish for the meal, put a cup/bowl on the shelf. Open each jar of herbs and smell it good. If you like the smell, put a little of it in the cup/bowl. If you like the smell a lot, put extra herb in the cup/bowl. If you salivate (mouth- watering goodness) put a lot of herb in the cup/bowl so that the mouth-watering herb dominates the flavor of the food. This is aromatherapy in action.
Don't waste too much time in the recipe books. Your nose and tongue know more about what you like/need than the author of the book.
Thrid Step: Just before you set the food on the table, dump the herb cup/bowl onto the food and stir it up real good.
Ahhhhh, the aroma. Aroma therapy at the table!!
Then eat the tastiness and get healthy.
Fresh herbs are better than dried, tenfold, and tastier. Ask a French Chef. I did.
Very few foods require special herbs. Except maybe basil with tomatoes or oregano with spaghetti sauce.
If you are sickly, pay a good herbalist to advise you.
Recipe books are written to be fashionable, not necessarily healthy. Use your own judgment first. If you botch a dish, so what? Next time do it a little different. You will learn.
These three steps are fundamental. The herbalism of Traditional Chinese Medicine uses taste and smell of herbs to make their formulas: complex, efficient formulae. It all began with steps One, Two and Three ten thousand years ago.
Everyone who eats needs to cook and learn how to 'spice up' their food this way. Even children can do their food this way and keep themselves healthy. Parents do their children a lifetime service when they educate them how to keep healthy in the kitchen. Parents have done this for thousands and thousands of years: this is how we got this far into history.
Husbands need to do this regardless of their attitude towards cooking and health. As a research-minded person I believe that the reason men live fewer years than women is that in the traditional American household men eat what the wife likes and keeps her healthy. Also the aromatherapy of cooking is soaked up by the wife but not the husband at the other end of the house.
As an extreme measure, put the herbs in jars and set them on a Lazy Susan in the middle of the table. Then everyone can use what they wish.
Eat well and be well.
(Written: February '07)

The Quality of Herbs

The quality and excellence of herbal ingredients is seldom noticed in factories and stores where they are formulated and sold. There are, however, big differences in the nature of ingredients, the methods used to harvest them, the methods used to preserve them and lengths of time they will remain medically effective. The differences which this grading expects to make obvious to the consumer is that the potency - effectiveness of herbal remedies depends on how the herbs are collected and prepared for use by you and me. In this essay I am going to try to make this apparent.
The lowest grade of herbs is labeled: c/s. "c/s" is shorthand for "cut and sifted". It tells you that these herbs are collected by driving into the field of herb a big machine which is a combination of a mowing machine, a chopping up machine and a large laundry-drying-machine. Th herb is mowed down then chopped into small pieces and put into the drying machine where it is heated and dried like your laundry is dried. Then it is sifted to take out the big pieces like stems and weed seeds. After this process it is powdery enough to put in capsules and thence into the jars which you buy. The "c/s" quality depends upon: 1) What time of day the herb is cut [This makes a BIG difference.] , 2) How hot the drier is set [Hotter driers evaporate the essential oils quickly but do the job faster.] , 3) How many 'weeds' are in the field (These are adulterants which reduce the amount of medicinal content of the end product.). These are all reasons why c/s herbs are the cheapest for corporations to buy for the maximum profit per pill.
When I was first learning herbalism, c/s peppermint herb was selling for 70 cents a pound. Remember this price!
The second category is 'hand processed'. This means that the herb was picked by hand in the field. and hung somewhere to dry the same way tobacco is dried in barns. One of he benefits here is NO WEEDS. One of the difficulties here is the amount of light in the drying room: too much light destroys the quality of the herb and bleaches the color from bright green to dull green. Bright green is much better for most herbs. One fourth generation herbalist I know of, John Warner of Crossville TN, buys his herbs from people only if they are bright green. These herbs can be graded and priced at time of purchase. Most of these herbs are grown and dried by farner's wives for extra income. Large crops are being grown also by some farmers who make their living growing medicinal herbs.`[See: The Herbal Connection on the internet.]
When I was a beginner, peppermint processed this way generally sold for $1.40 a pound wholesale. Twice what c/s was selling for.
The third category is also hand processed but is seldom found in the market place. This grade is very carefully picked and the leaves laid out on trays and dried delicately. I had opportunity to open a big box of peppermint leaves prepared this way in Germany and the aroma jumped out of the box into my nose. The leaves were still whole and the essential oils were all there in my nose.
When I was a beginner, the price for this kind of peppermint was $2.10 - three times the price of c/s. This stuff never gets into capsules and onto the general market. You need to be lucky to find it at all!
Then there is the whole business of organic and non-organic. Organic herbs have no chemicals put on them to poison the soil and make the herbs more voluminous. Sick people do not need more poisons in their bodies from non-organic herbs. The price here is about 50% more for 'organic' than non-organic. I collect most of my medicinals in wild places and prepare them myself. This way I can control what I feed my clients.
The best way I know of to preserve herbs is rarely used: putting them in honey within half an hour (or less) of picking them. This way extracts the essences of the herb within 3 days and preserves them longer than any other method. I have used honeysuckle flowers that were preserved in honey for four years and they still took down fevers in 20 minutes. Apparently the ancient Egyptians used the method 6,000 years ago. Somebody else around Seattle WA also does it too.
The very best way of using herbs is fresh cut right at time of use. It is my opinion that fresh cut is ten times stronger than dried herbs. This seems true because the older herbals use the same weight of herbs fresh or dried and the fresh herbs are 90% water but still alive and vital. The dried herbs have been dead for a year or so. Fresh is best.
That brings us to the question of how long herbs can last after being dried. Most herbs last about two years if they are stored in a cool, dark place. Some, like Skullcap, only last for 6 months after harvesting. Some roots last more than 2 years. Knowing this is vital to an herbalist. Lemon Balm is useless to me dried, it looses its essential oils rapidly after being cut. I only use it fresh cut. Five hundred years ago, herbalists grew their herbs right outside the cottage door so they could have their medicines very, very fresh.
Frontier Herbs in Iowa is the largest retail herb business in U.S. and marks their herbs as c/s if they are c/s or nothing if they are not c/s and marks them OG if they are organically grown. The fancy stuff, they may not sell at all.
The culinary herbs - parsley, sage rosemary and thyme, etc. - are all very old time medicinals from ancient Egypt and many of these are now being sold fresh in markets. Unfortunately, most of the markets have no idea of their medicinal use and sell them for flavoring 'gourmet' foods. They are still medicinal anyway, whether anyone knows it or not. These are often grown in the 'kitchen garden' and used daily in food, a very good way to stay healthy. ("An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" is an old herbalist saying!)

Medicinal Herbs

The use of 'culinary' herbs as medicinal and medicinal herbs as 'culinaries' is older than written language. The earliest record I know of being the "Eber's Papyrus" originally written in hieroglyphics on the walls of the Physicians Pyramid in ancient Egypt. This manuscript describes the medicinal properties of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, with and without the use of honey. These uses maintained popularity until the present time even though the original hieroglyphics were not translated into a European language until the mid-nineteenth century. Such long usage, about 8,000 years, by common folk justifies the use of the term 'traditional usage' as a scientific description.
The traditional uses were gathered from many sources, all of them well known works on the history of medicinal herbs. These are listed in the bibliography at the end.
The common kitchen name for these herbs is given in bold bold face print. The part of the plant used follows. After this comes the list of properties used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (referred to as TCM hereafter) appearing in italic print face. The lists of ailments follows in ordinary type face.
ANISE, seed - pungent, sweet, warm, dry, enters lung, heart and spleen meridians.
Circulates Qi, relaxes nerves, frees spasm, relieves pain, dries mucous damp, heart palpitations, dry cough,wheezing, colic, indigestion, irregular menses, menstrual cramps, nausea. distended gurgling abdomen, pain of gout, rheumatism, neuralgia, pain of childbirth, increases Qi, restores lung and heart, creates strength, benefits vision, fatigue, short breath, chronic illness, congealed breast milk, not enough sperm, deficient eyesight, copious white phlegm in lungs, coughing, asthmatic breathing, antidotes poison, restrains infection, animal bites.
ASPARAGUS, root, rhizome, leaves, and young stem, sweet, salty, warm, moist, enters kidney, liver and small intestine meridians.
Nourishes, replenishes and restores blood and essence, strengthens and benefits vision, benefits sinews, premature senility, week knees, dry eyes, hazy vision, limbs numb, twitching, dry skin or hair, dry vagina, pale lips nails and eyelids, shallow breathing, heart palpitations, fatigue, scanty menses, convalescence, childbirth recovery, restores urogenital organs, enhances sexual desire, weak knees and legs, impotence, lower back ache, clears toxins, promotes urination, softens stones, intermittent pain, chronic rashes,gout, rheumatism, arthritis, acid blood, generalized water weight, nausea, obstructed urination, scanty frequent dripping urination, kidney stones, dry constipation, dry mouth and tongue, helps diabetes.
BASIL, leaf and flowers, pungent, sweet, bitter, warm, dry, enters kidney and lung meridians.
Yang deficiency, depression, restores nerves brain and adrenals, weakness, fear of cold, complacency, dull thinking, numbness, paralysis, shock, fainting, coma, epilepsy, adrenal deficiency, no stamina, frees spasms, promotes menses, sexual desire, fertility, settles stomach, vomiting, scanty delayed menses, menstrual cramps, infertility impotence, lower back pain, nausea, vomiting, abdominal camps, copious white phlegm in lungs, wheezing, chilliness, bronchitis, spasmodic asthma, whooping cough, common cold with white mucous, loss of smell, restrains infections, antidotes poison, animal and insect bites, insect repellent.
BLACK PEPPER, seed, very pungent, hot, dry, enter spleen, kidney and heart meridians.
Intestines cold with chilliness, no appetite, gas, colic, nausea, gurgling guts, fatigue, backaches, impotence, hemorrhoids, prolapsed uterus, awakenss appetite, edema, heart palpitations, causes sweating, white mucous in nose, neuralgia, rheumatism, weakness, Yang deficiency, vertigo, poor vision in deficiency, infections especially on skin, food and herb poisoning, animal bites, NOT to be used during fevers, inflammations and red faces.
CARAWAY, seed and leaves, almost identical to FENNEL.
CARDAMOM, seeds and pods, pungent, bitter, sweet, dry, enters lung and spleen meridians.
Increases Qi, restores lung spleen and nerves, strengthens, rids depression, fatigue, stupor, loose stool, no appetite, shallow breathing, dizziness, poor memory, listlessness, gurgling guts, epigastric pain and distention, nausea and vomiting with cold stomach, lots of white mucous in lungs, chronic bronchitis, common cold with white mucous, poisonous stings.
CAYENNE, seed pod, very pungent, hot, dry, enters lung and spleen meridians.
Cold limbs and weakness, depression, shock, cold sweat, cold limbs, causes sweating, common cold if used early, low fevers in typhoid scarlet fever and diphtheria, increases appetite, nausea, indigestion, pale face, dysentery, fresh wounds, muscular pains, sprains, bruises, bursitis, hair loss,bronchitis, nose blocked by mucous, cleans lymph, Yang deficiency. NOT to be used during fevers, inflammations and red faces.
CELERY, seed, stalk and root, bitter, sweet, cool, moist, enters kidney, liver and bladder meridians, conception and governing vessels.
Detoxifies, arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, neuralgia, skin rashes, fatigue, poor appetite, edema, urinary stones, arteriosclerosis, frequent dribbling urination, thirst, acute urinary infections, remittent and tidal fevers both Shao Yang and Shao Yin, no appetite, gas, poor painful digestion, delayed painful menses, postpartum weakness, insufficient breast milk, weakness, adrenal insufficiency, impotence, chronic exhaustion, hoarseness.
CINNAMON, bark of twigs or trunks, astringent, sweet, hot, dry, enters lung, spleen, and kidney meridians.
Yang deficiency fatigue, short of breath, heart palpitations, melancholy, cold limbs hands and feet, exhaustion due to overwork, onset of common cold, thick mucousy flu, acute neuralgia, rheumatism, nausea, no appetite, diarrhea, abdominal distention with gas, low vitality, lumbar pain, morning diarrhea, impotence, frigidity, vaginal yeast, absent or delayed menses with cramps, stops bleeding in lungs intestines bladder and uterus, inter-menstrual bleeding, chronic infectious diseases. NOT for fevers, hot bodies, sore throats or red faces.
FENNEL, seed, pungent, sweet, warm, dry, enters kidney bladder and spleen meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Frequent scanty urination, bedwetting, peeing at night, lumbar backaches, stinky orange urine, headache, poor appetite, kidney stones, black spots in vision, eyes inflamed, menstrual cramps, menstrual clots, estrogen insufficiency, no menses, no breast milk, breast lumps, curdled milk, stomach ulcers, belching sour fluid, no appetite, gurgling abdomen, colic, nausea, coughing with thin white phlegm, wheezing, hoarseness, voice loss, preventative in flu epidemics, mushroom and food poisoning, intestinal parasites, loose spongy gums, deafness, bruises, contusions, sprains.
GARLIC, Bulb flower and bulbil, very pungent, sweet, salty, hot, very dry, disperses Qi, enters lung spleen heart and liver meridians.
Immunity, infections, detoxifies, parasites, tissue repair, causes sweating, coughing up white thin mucous, bronchial asthma, wheezing bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, chills, heart palpitations, cold extremities, stabbing cardiac pain, short breath, blue lips and face, high or low blood pressure, weakness, fatigue, timidity, depression, spontaneous sweating, debility, irregular bowel movements, gas. loose moucusy stool, enteritis, imbalanced intestinal flora, fat from waist down (water weight, edema) skin rashes, stinky stools, gout, rheumatism, arthritis, clots, varicose veins, tumors, etc, etc... A marvelous herb about which many books have been written. Use at least one clove a day or prevention always.
GINGER, rhizome, pungent, sweet, hot, dry, enters lung spleen stomach meridians, disperses Qi.
Causes sweating, mucous, No appetite, loose stool, chilliness, enteritis, dysentery, irritable stomach, stomach ulcers, digestion painful, belching sour fluid, gas, nausea, vomiting, sea and air sickness, delayed scanty or no menses, menstrual cramps, impotence sometimes, painful ovulation, infections, poisoning from herbs or foods, scurvy, tonsillitis, laryngitis. NOT for fevers or red faced people. This is the primary herb that sent Europeans to the Orient in the 15th century.
KELP, dried leaves, salty, cool, moist, enters liver, stomach kidney and bladder meridians.
Weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, pale eyelids, anemia, poor digestion, dry constipation, slow development in children, rickets, skin eruptions, rheumatism, arthritis, water retention, overweight, Arsenic and Mercury poisoning, cellulite, obesity, skin conditions, fibrous tumors, arteriosclerosis, painful urination, swollen lymph glands, hormonal imbalance, thyroid in sufficiency, hormonal imbalance, thyroid insufficiency, menopause, high blood pressure,asthma.
MARJORAM (Origanum marjoram only), leaves and stem, bitter pungent, sweet, astringent, both warming and cooling, enters heart lung spleen kidney meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Circulates Qi, Nervous tension, anxiety, heart palpitations, coughing, whooping cough, delayed menses, menstrual cramps, no menses, nausea, agitated depression, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia. muscle cramps. convulsions, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, agitation, genital discharges, dizziness, blurred vision, no appetite, diarrhea, colic, iliosecal valve syndrome, scanty urine, lower back pain, kidney stones, vaginal yeas, infertility, scanty menses, painful menses, bedwetting, premature senility, premature grayness (under 65 for men and 49 for women),
OREGANO (Origanum vulgare, ssp.) leaves and flowers.
Almost identical to Marjoram but also treats: mucous in lungs, restrains infections, antidotes poison. A hot tea helps rashes erupt and produces sweating.
PARSLEY, seed root and leaves, bitter, pungent, dry, enters bladder kidney liver meridians.
Circulates Qi, painful urination, colicky pains, gas, painful cramping menses, migraine, high blood pressure, jaundice, water retention, nausea, skin rashes, stinky stool, clotted menses, prostatitis, chronic infections, wounds, curdled breast milk, head lice (essential oil is best). NOT for use during pregnancy.
ROSEMARY, leaves, bitter, pungent, warm, dry, enters lung spleen heart, liver meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Yang deficiency, weakness, cold limbs, depression, shyness, complacency, mental stupor, chills, dizziness, anemia, low blood pressure, rheumatism, pain, neuralgia, spontaneous sweating, heart palpitations, short breath, fainting, headache, loss of speech vision or memory. arteriosclerosis, paralysis, poor appetite, anxiety, disturbing dreams, exhaustion, long illness, sinusitis, dripping nose, coughing with white frothy phlegm, fatigue, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, whooping cough, swollen gurgling abdomen, enteritis, colitis, weak knees, lumbar pain, low sex energy, impotence, sterility, scanty or copious clear urine, delayed painful menses, no menses, vaginal yeast, right hip sore, alternating constipation and diarrhea, frontal headache, jaundice, colecystitis, liver chirrosis, gallstones, poor vision, gout, high cholesterol, activates immunity, infections, body lice, NOT with fevers or red faces.
RUE, leaves, pungent, bitter, warm, dry, enters lung small intestine liver meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Circulates Qi, delayed painful menses, skin rashes, depression, constipation, poor vision, coughing with mucus, nausea, belching sour fluid, indigestion, diarrhea, alternating loose and hard stool, parasites, colicky pain, irritability, asthmatic breathing, spasms of muscles, tremors, convulsions, epilepsy, neuralgia, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, activates immunity, boils, carbuncles, abscesses , ulcers, varicose veins, swollen glands, scaly skin, detoxifies. NOT for use during pregnancy.
SAGE, leaves, pungent, bitter, astringent, cool, dry, enters spleen and liver meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Increases Qi, exhaustion, excessive daytime sweating, short breath, no appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, vertigo, nervous exhaustion, poor memory, coma, paralysis, immune deficiency, pituitary deficiency, low blood pressure, weakness, lung tuberculosis, night sweats, rickets, loose moucusy stools, fatigue, chronic enteritis, mucous colitis, vaginal yeast, uretheritis, scanty urine, sinusitis, excessive sweating, weaning babies, cough with thin white phlegm, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, cramps and gas from emotional causes, nervous, agitated depression, lumbar pain, irregular painful menses, tremors, cramping of limbs, strokes, dry skin, dry vagina, estrogen insufficiency, no menses, infertility, sterility, menopause, activates immunity. chronic wounds, ulcers and sores, mouth infections, loose teeth, eczema. hair loss, sore muscles. NOT for use during pregnancy.
THYME (mother-of-thyme, common thyme ssp.), leaves, pungent, bitter, astringent, warm and cool, dry, enters lung spleen meridians
Increases Qi, fatigue, shallow breathing, pale complexion, immune deficiency, no appetite, loose stool, bulging abdomen, anemia, low blood pressure, weakness, nervous exhaustion, depression, low adrenal energy, cough with thin white phlegm, chilliness, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, tuberculosis of the lungs, dry cough, difficult breathing, coughs up plugs of phlegm, obsessive thinking, allergies, asthma, whooping cough, causes sweating, aches and pains and stiff muscles, chills and fatigue and dripping nose, sinusitis, winter flu with sore throat, rheumatism, watery stool with undigested food, colic, gas, nausea, slow digestion, gurgling abdomen, enteritis, mucous colitis, none or delayed menses, cramps, vaginal yeast, lack of sexual desire, low white blood cell count, infections of all kinds, skin infections, contusions, pussy wounds, intestinal parasites esp. tape worms, poisonous animal bites, AIDS. NOT for use during pregnancy or hyperthyroidism.
WALNUT, hulls leaves nut-meats, astringent, a bit bitter and pungent, neural (leaf), enters large intestine spleen kidney meridians.
Detoxifies, dry skin, skin rashes, tiredness, eczema, extreme itching, impetigo, herpes, ringworm, syphilis, tuberculosis, chronic swollen lymph glands, gout, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, tumors of all kinds, abdominal distention and pain, constipation chronic and during pregnancy, fatigue, weakness, pale complexion, anemia, demineralization, debility, chronic fatigue syndrome, debility, lower back knee leg weakness, slow physical and mental development in infants and children, bone sinew and cartilage weakness, bone diseases, rickets, scoliosis, osteomalacia, osteoporosis, osteoma, weak hair, brittle hair, hair loss, dry skin, intestinal dysbiosis, alternating diarrhea and constipation, gastroenteritis, dysentery, mucous colitis, peptic ulcer, candidiasis, leucorrhea, vaginal yeast infections, hemmorhage anywhere, excessive sweating especially from palms of hands and feet, intestinal parasites, tapeworms, roundworms. fatigue, vaginal prolapse, hemorrhoids, diabetes-supportive, wounds, ulcers, cervical erosion, boils, abscesses, acne, varicose veins, inflammations of mouth gums throat and eyes, wrinkles, dandruff, freckles, bacterial and fungal skin infections, bone degeneration, bone swelling, dental cavities. This nut when eaten in the afternoon regularly can increase sperm count. This is an ancient use indicated in the Latin name of the species Juglans which literally translates as Jupiter's penis-head.
WINTER SAVORY, leaves. almost identical to BASIL.
In addition: enhances immunity, anti-microbial, stimulates pituitary, infections.
WORMWOOD (Artemisia absinthium - absinthe), leaves, very bitter, a bit pungent, astringent, cool, dry, sinking movemeent, enters stomach spleen liver meridians, Conception and Governing vessels.
Fevers, bitter taste in mouth, vomiting, swollen abdomen, chronic constipation, belching sour fluid, stomach ulcers, jaundice, hepatitis, nausea, motion sickness, headaches, urinary and kidney inflammations, anemia, weakness, convalescence, swelling below waist, delayed painful menses, difficult painful labor, activates immunity, food poisoning ulcers, boils, abscesses, thread-worms, roundworms, parasites in gut, tumors, cancer, bruises, contusions, earache, arthritis, rheumatism. NOT for use during pregnancy.
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Herbs for Women

There are many herbs for the ailments of the reproductive apparatus of women. Most of them have been laughed at by Medical Doctors and excoriated by male dominated religious institutions, but women have kept the information alive whether male institutions like it or not.
I am male and do not consider myself an expert on these matters. This short essay is written to inform some few women who do not know that solutions to these problems exist. If only five women learn something from these lines of words, it will please me.
For menses which are scanty or weak or painful or drive women crazy (pre-menstrual syndrome: PMS) there are MANY herbs that are around and about. My favorite (ha!) is Mugwort (Latin:Artemesia vulgaris) an ancient and internationally used herb. When the time has come for things to start happening, make an ordinary cup of tea with the leaves/stems and sip it off and on all day. PMS will often disappear on the first taste but drink the rest of the cup anyway.
After a few months of using the tea, the menses will shift to the full moon and become more or less regular.
Some other herbs which have been used often are: Angelica, Black Cohosh, Rose Geranium, Golden Ragwort, Motherwort, Nettle, Red Raspberry leaves, Rue, Wormwood (Absinthe) to name only a few. There are many others.
For menses which are heavy or full of clots, I suggest Lemon Balm. Just make a cup of ordinary tea and drink two or three cups a day. The menses should normalize in a few months. Some other herbs in use for this condition are Crampbark, Golden Ragwort, Calendula (Marigold), Plantain leaf. Yellow dock, and Yarrow for a few.
For the diseases of the uterus (which often follow the use of birth control pills), there are many herbal solutions which can be easy This will not be discussed here since each case is different. Find yourself a competent herbalist. It could be very risky to try to treat yourself for these problems.

Roe and Wade

The pomposity of males about controlling abortions is laughable! Any woman who does not want to be pregnant can put an end to it before any man is aware of the event.
My own lesson about this came through my (ex-) wife. She was a couple of days late with the onset of her menses and had gone across the street to commiserate with our neighbor woman who was a devout Italian Catholic woman. The neighbor woman gave her a bottle of two pills to take - one now and one later. I looked at the last pill and the paper in the bottle. It said "Cimicifuga" - Latin/Italian for Black Cohosh a wild flower I was familiar with. Neighbor said my wife could get it at any Italian pharmacy in town.
Black Cohosh is an herbal abortive.
My wife didn't ask me if I wanted her to abort. My opinion didn't matter.
My Italian neighbor had learned this from her mother, grandmother. other female friends, aunts and generations "Catholic" women ancestors. The information was kept from generations of murderous Inquisitions. Husband and Preists and Popes were not asked for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. Men's opinions didn't matter.
The decision to abort belongs to the woman, first and last. Roe., Wade, the US Supreme Court and the Pope are irrelevant.
So here is a recipe for a tea taken from a book I will not name for fear of retribution by "true believers". Make an ordinary tea of Absinthe (Artemsia absinthium, Wormwood) and sip it on and off until menses start. This tea is VERY bitter but it works better if not sweetened. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris, also called Wormwood) can also be used this way as can Rue (Ruta graveolens). The artemesias have been used since ancient times for this purpose.
NEVER use essential oils. They are dangerously poisonous when used in a bad way. I once tried to treat a woman who had used English Pennyroyal essential oil to have an abortion and had poisoned herself with it. Some days she was fine and some days she was "not all there". Nothing I did had any effect.
There is a piece of information I feel a need to pass on but can't think of another place to put it - so here goes.
The method of avoiding pregnancy sometimes called the "rhythm method" as used by Catholic women is a worthwhile method (I think). However it is insufficient for preventing conception. A woman is fertile twice a month not just once. During the Cold War period in our history with the Soviet Union, Russian people discovered that a woman is fertile when the Moon is in the same zodiacal sign as it was when she was born. More simply, if the moon was in Capricorn when she was born, she will be fertile every time the moon enters the sign Capricorn, it happens once every month. Or Leo or Gemini or whatever sign it was in when she was born.
We are tied tightly to the moon and its menses and all that stuff.


The common soft-shelled almond is one of my favorite herbals. Eaten regularly they help clean the lymphatic system, clear nasal and lung congestion and prevent constipation. These properties have been known to Chinese and Western herbalists for a long, long time.
When I get up in the morning with a bit of phlegm in my nose, throat or lungs, I put a few drops of almond flavoring (from the Health Food store) in my breakfast food. I usually use bitter almond rather than the more common sweet almond although both are effective. Should you be badly congested or constipated, take a few drops on a spoon and taste it. It will put you tongue in a dither and clear you out quick.
I make my Bitter Almond flavoring from essential oil: about 40 to 60 drops in a pint (4/5 pint to be exact) of vodka. A pint of this will last for a year. A half or quarter ounce of essential oil used at this rate will last many years.
Bitter Almond is what makes Coke into Cherry Coke although they use synthetic stuff and not the real thing.
Since almonds are really a peach, or peaches are really almonds, organic peach pits are good too. Please use only sweet ones though: the bitter ones contain prussic acid, a cyanide compound which can be very poisonous. Also Bitter Almond essential oil should be marked 'fpa' to let you know it is "free from prussic acid".
Almonds are also nutritious in other ways such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and so forth. It is best to eat them in the morning so that the lungs, large intestine and lymphatic sytsem can make best use of their herbal qualities.
Also, the smallest dab of essential oil on the tongue can clear an asthma attack. A dab of essential oil on the tongue will blow your head off - so don't be eager with it. For regular daily use, use the flavoring described above.
Sweet almond oil - not essential oil - is used in cooking, salads and makes a wonderful massage oil. Used as a bath oil it will keep your skin soft and supple and prevent the dry crinkley look that is part of the aging process.
Then, there is always Marzipan, almond paste, a condiment which is much used by fancy confectioners as a candy: medicinal candy.
All nuts are best eaten raw. Once upon a time, farmers and country folk used to sit about in the winter eating nuts collected in the autumn. They lived long and healthy lives because nuts are extremely nutrritious. In these times we city folk sit about munching potato chips or having a "beer' which are almost nutrition-free. Then we wonder why we are subject to colds, flus, bowel complaints and other modern diseases. If we ate more natural and organic food we probably wouldn't have these problems. If you don't believe this, just go out and read old tombstones in country grave yards. You will find that people died in infancy or in childbirth or in their nineties. The reasons are plain: organic food, fresh raw vegetables and an early-to-bed-early-to-rise lifestyle. I'll bet they slept with their bedroom windows open too.
Post script:
This was originally written in 1985. How little has changed. Immortal truths are immortal.
The bitter almond tree is a beauty in bloom. They bloom two weeks before peach trees and the flowers are larger and pinker. Plant two: they get lonesome.

Pollen and Royal Jelly

Pollen and royal jelly are two old time herbals from beekeeping with reputations as marvelous healing agents. They are known as miracle drugs and rejuvenators (youth restorers). Modern orthodox medicine, however, considers them useless and modern beekeeping ignores the wonderful qualities of these herbals.
A few years ago, I began collecting pollen from my hives and even got a few doses of royal jelly. I have found pollen to be an 'upper' or yang energizer of considerable potency. Pollen feeds the yang chi of the body and is a great tonic for people with low energy. A heaping tablespoon a day will get the body moving around at a good pace. It is so potent that, in my younger days, I wouldn't eat more than a teaspoon at a time or it would make me as hyperactive as if I had done a little speed.
...raw unheated honey is good for allergies in general...
Royal jelly has a similar but more potent yin effect. A cokespoon full will give you a definite rush that lasts for 45 minutes. That is what happens when you take it straight out of the hive. If you use it as prepared for commercial sale the stuff is not so potent because it deteriorates very rapidly outside the hive. The Chinese package in little glass vials of honey: this is the best stuff I know of on the commercial market.
Once when I was contemplating going into the production of pollen and royal jelly, I had a computerized search done at the Arkansas State Library. From this I discovered that the small nations around the Black Sea (Romania, Bulgaria, Armenia, Turkey and Yugoslavia), have been doing bona-fide medical research on royal jelly, pollen and propolis for many years. Their research has upheld the ancient reputation and has given a real boost to its use for all sorts of disease conditions. In modern China the government is pushing pollen and royal jelly production for export. I haven't seen any Chinese research reports but they probably haven't been noticed in the U. S. The European research has been voluminous but it has rarely been translated into English.
But I do have some experiences of my own.
Pollen seems to be a good general treatment for allergies. One client of mine suffered incredibly from hay fever. I gave him a jar of goldenrod honey from my hives. (Very hard to get unless you are a beekeeper.) Instructions were to eat a tablespoon a day for as long as it would last. Raw honey has traces of pollen in it from the same flowers. The honey tasted so good to him that he ate it all up immediately. So I saved him another jar and gave it to him next July with the same directions as before. His allergic reaction dropped by two-thirds that summer.
Since then, I save my August pollen with goldenrod and ragweed in it and give it to hay fever sufferers a month before the hay fever season starts. Their allergies have been greatly diminished much to their enjoyment. Collecting pollen during the allergy period one year and eating it 11 months later before the hay fever season begins is good for the reduction of the allergy.
Raw unheated honey is good for allergies in general. Some of my acquaintances with allergies have eaten a tablespoon of honey every day for a year. They have all claimed good results and reduction of their allergies. It is necessary to be cautious when buying raw honey however. Most supermarket honeys are heated to prevent them from crystallizing and to make the honey flow faster when bottling. Crystallized honey is raw but most grocery store owners don't like it and most health food stores don't know what is happening. Or just buy it from a friend or when it has crystallized. Local honey is best for allergies and so is local pollen.
There are several ways to use pollen. One can simply eat it: between a teaspoonful and a heaping tablespoonful a day. The healthiest man I ever met ate it this way. He is a beekeeper and eats it by the handful. I described him in the article titled "The Picture Of Health."
Another way of eating pollen is to add honey to it. Just enough honey to moisten the pollen and make a sticky mass. I call this mix 'Ying-Yang' because the honey is very, very Yin and the pollen is very, very Yang energetically speaking. This formula was called Ambrosia by the ancient Greeks who used to eat it during the Dionysia to keep their sex energy going. The Dionysia were three day fuck-fests (fertility rites) when the men and the women carried on day and night.
Pollen is plant cum. I don't know how it works but it really does. I guess the best part of it is deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) the genetic code molecule which governs life on this planet. and it must have its greatest concentration in plant and animal cum.
I have seen it written that pollen is good for radioactive poisoning but I know nothing about the claim.
There is a caution. When the bees collect pollen, they moisten it with a dab of nectar and roll it into little balls. The beekeeper collects the little balls and should dry the pollen to preserve it from fermenting. Some beekeepers sell the pollen moist so as to increase the weight and increase the profit. Unfortunately, moist pollen must be kept in the refrigerator or the nectar will ferment and taste sour. The drying of pollen also preserves its naturally sweet flavor. Fermentation of the moist pollen only affects the taste not the medical essence. Pollen itself is virtually indestructible. Traces it it were found in some peat bogs which were 10,000 years old and it was still looking for a seed to fuck.
Cum is very powerful stuff.
Propolis, the glue bees make to stick their hives together, is also a powerful medicinal which is used in the Balkans in hospitals. I have tried it too and like it a lot. Elsewhere I have written about my experience with it.
To give yourself a natural rush for sex, eat a tablespoon full of pollen just before a heavy date. Then enjoy yourself.


Red hot cayenne pepper is a wonderful herb of many uses. It was the favorite herb of John Christopher, the Mormon herbalist whose formulas and mixtures fill the shelves of herb stores countrywide.
There are many, many kinds of red-hot-peppers in the world but cayenne is the only one used routinely as medicine. African Bird Pepper is 'hotter' than cayenne but its medicine is less than the "Real Thing".
A short note about cayenne's 'hot' flavor - sometimes called pungent. It has been my experience over the last twenty years that if a person really needs the medicine, the taste of cayenne gets really HOT. More need - more hot! After twenty years of gobbling cayenne, I ceased to need it and the hot taste dwindled away to nothing. The stuff began to taste sweet! Surprise! Surprise! NO hot! Just sweet.
Every meal should have one dish with cayenne in it. Small but present. Start with very small amounts: just a tiny sprinkle. Increase over time until you think you could eat hot tamales in Mexico City.
The part I like most about cayenne is its ability to flush the lymphatic system clean. For example: If you have a sinus headache or congestion in the nose, sprinkle a little of it on you palm. Lick it off. Do not swallow. Do not dring water for several minutes. The snot will clear out of your nose and the sinus congestion will vanish! The lymph system will flush itself into the large intestine where it belongs. For myself, I eat a little salsa every day to make sure my lymph does not get sludgey. The peppers are usually jalapeno, not cayenne, but they get the job done. This use is not mentioned in my favorite herbal but it works anyhow.
Another of my favorite uses is to pull out splinters. It is easy, works very well and is also not mentioned in my herbal.
To remove a splinter, get a 'band aid' and open it up. Find a plantain leaf in your yard and chew up a bit of the leaf making a wad of moosh about the size of a small bean. Put the chewed moosh on the gauze pad of the band aid. Sprinkle a bit of cayenne on the moosh. Put the band aid over the splinter hole, moosh on the hole. After a day or two the body will expel the splinter onto the band aid.
Once upon a time, I removed a splinter an inch and a quarter into the center of my palm. The cayenne-plantain mix pulled it out in four days. That was the biggest splinter I ever tried.
Psyllium seed is from a plantain herb and works just as well. Use spit to moisten the seeds.
This method of removing splinters is friendly to little kids who scream holler and wiggle if you try to remove the splinter with a needle.
Cayenne is also sprinkled on cuts and wounds to help them heal, though any herb called 'woundwort' will do it too.
There are many other medicinal uses for cayenne which can be used simply by putting it in the food. One of these is coronary deficiency with angina and another is sore-throat-flu prevention during epidemics.
This herb is best used in the kitchen on a daily basis for the prevention of disease. As with all kitchen herbs, put it in just before serving because herbs effectiveness is lost if they are cooked very much. The smell (aroma) that comes up after the herbs are added is literally 'aromatherapy' and needs to be available to everyone, not just the cooks. Besides, an aromatic dish always draws comments like "Ooooh, doesnt that smell good!!" from the crowd.
Cayenne used on a regular basis keeps parasitic worms out of the body, roundworms in particular. Since roundworms are a major infestation of humans in warm and damp climates, cayenne is a major medicinal herb the world over. My cat taught me this lesson and now gets wormed periodically with cayenne - cats love the stuff.
(Written: February '07)

For Men Only

This section of essays is about the crisis in men's fertility and what a man needs to do to to keep his physical body sex parts functional. In this world of synthetics and hormone overuse we are sterilizing ourselves.
The title does not mean that women should not read this but that men need to read this or their sex apparatus will likely stop working - sterility. No one can keep a man from being taken over by this pollution to his gonads except the man himself. Some women I know are aware that the use of birth-control pills in youth produces tumors and other malignancies of the uterus and ovaries. Women have learned to take care of their gonads and men will have to do it too. A lot of men will leave their health to the care of (a - any - some) woman, claiming ignorance, but they do so at their own risk.
The following article was taken from ACRES USA, a monthly news magazine about organic farming that publishes a lot of news about poisons being put into our ecosystem. This is about something that is poisoning all of us today. The date of publication was December 2003.

The Feminine Factor

Estrogen feminizes male fish It also bestows feminine markers on the mammal and probably insect life. This commonsense fact was tested by scientists by inserting residue of birth control pills into lake waters.
Canadians used similar products to measure the hypothesis. In three years all male fish, frogs and aquatic life became feminine. Egg proteins started growing out of place, meaning in the male. The experiment was meant to measure the effect that estrogen in effluent and sewer treatments were having on bodies of water later used for drinking water supply.
Some fish grew eggs in their testes. The entire population of the flathead minnows crashed to near-zero because the hormone stoked fish couldn't reproduce.
Males seem to respond to an overload of estrogen in a very predicable way, according to a paper presented to the American Chemistry Council.
That hormones have been hurting wildlife has been observed before. The effect of soybean based estrogen on sexual development has been made a matter of record in New Zealand, where male birds became part female. The Canadian study seemed to ask whether estrogen was affecting the human male population. A recent study in "Environmental Health Perspectives" found that rural men had lower sperm counts when exposed to certain pesticides which mimic estrogens.
More subtle is the estrogen content of extenders in fast food hamburgers. Some youngsters almost live on this food. Although powerful, this source is small compared to estrogen that escapes treatment plants and ends up in rivers, lakes, even ocean shelves. Sexual oddities in animals such as hermaphroditism are being assigned to this chemical family. Disruption of the endocrine system is assumed.
A few cattle men have made the connection with the herd bull's inability to settle cows, have withheld soy meal from seed stock.
Canada has a few remote lakes that are being used for probing nature's secrets and revulsions. These lakes are hours away from population centers, The answer to some parts of this problem -- taking civilization for what it is -- may be finding that microorganisms that can dismantle estrogen compounds either with their power or longer residence in the treatment plant.
I might add that these estrogenic chemicals are added to all animal, chicken and farm-fish foods to make the meat fat and juicy in the market display case. These chemicals caponize (castrate) the males and maybe the females too. Then when you eat these tender morsels, you become a tender morsel too. My father put hormone capsules under the skin of turkeys in 1950 when this stuff was very new. I have been thankful that I left home territory in 1951.
This problem of male sterility is a racial tragedy. The individual tragedies are enormous one at a time: sex organs cut out by surgeons, limp dicks, strange menstrual maladies, inability to have children. On the national level - a sterile race in a generation or two.
Of course this means zero population growth to those nations which use estrogens for birth control or animal feeds. This is not necessarily bad. Other species of humans have vanished and been replaced by new species. For instance: there are no more Neanderthal people, no more Austropithecus people, few Celtic people, and lots of bones of our ancestors/predecessors laying about in odd places on the planet.
This information is staggering to our imagination. But other news is just beginning to appear: precocious puberty. Children between 3 and 9 years of age are turning into teenagers before the usual 12 or 13. Whether this is due to estrogens in the water supply has not been explored yet, but this is a likely event. Look up 'precocious puberty' on the internet and become aware of what is happening. All the news is coming through MD's, no reporting is being done by herbalists, acupuncturists or other medical professionals.
What to do about this? It is too early for any of the medical professions to have found a remedy yet. However, I have a few suggestions to make without any experience at all. These are based on 20 years of experience with food as herbalism, East and West.
Stop eating meat from agribusiness supermarkets. Estrogens must be most concentrated there.
Supermarket eggs are an absolute NO - NO. Crack a farmers free ranging chicken egg into a cup and a supermarket egg into another cup and look at them. a) The farmers egg yolk is almost orange, the agribiz egg yolk is pale. b) The farmers egg yolk stands tall on its own; the agribiz yolk is weak and can't sit up / stand up on its own. c) The white of the farmers egg clings to the yolk and hugs it. The agribiz egg white is watery and can't hug the yolk. d) Cook the two separately and taste the difference. The label USDA ORGANIC on the egg carton is ridiculous.
Stop eating supermarket butter and get some from a farmer: once in a while, when you can. When I first started eating organic, I would not eat butter unles I knew the cow (and the pasture it ate from). The farm butter taste is good and is golden with vitamins et cetera, et cetera. Agribiz butter is so pale it has color added to keep it from looking sickly. No "et cetera, et cetera" here. Look for the "color added" message on the box. When the farm cow gets into a clover pasture in the spring, the the cow's butter turns deep yellow. Delicious! I grew up with a real cow.
Fish grown on "fish farms" are fed food with estrogens in it too. Some "fish farms" are only fenced in ocean "farms " which are no different from agribiz farms anywhere. Shrimp are very often grown in these oceanic "farms". Look carefully for the label on the box/bag.
Evidence for male sterility/dysfunction has been obvious for over 5 years. I first noticed it in health-food stores. Five years ago or more, men's herbs section on the shelves was only 6 inches of shelf space, In 2006 there was a 6 foot shelf space in one store and a 3 foot shelf in another store in the boondocks of Tennessee.
Then I started paying attention to all the sex drugs like viagra, coalis (?sp) and similar stuff to give a man an upstanding functional dick. Th prices are outrageous. $5 a pill. Men are losing their maleness! Lots of them.
Aphrodisiacs have always been welcome playthings. But these pills are more than playthings.
According to the records of Traditional Chinese medicine, the human female reproductive apparatus should stop working at 49. 'Early menopause' is now happening at 42: this is an illness, not a blessing. The male apparatus should stop being fertile about age 64, (Comedian George Burns lasted much longer - maybe to 100.) Read the essay on Walnuts for a first step in recovering from sterility caused by pollution. For a second step, detoxify the body of ordinary pollutants as well as the estrogenic ones. A three day fast on rice conji is a good start. Then find a Chinese herbalist and do the male sex repair kit.
(Written: February '07)


Male Sexuality

Tidbits #1
I believe that circumcision of males shortens the penis length by 10 to 20 percent. There is no proof possible that this is true or false except that one friend of mine had himself circumcised at the age of 23 and came out of it with a one inch smaller dick. The process of circumcision as done by most MDs is done without anesthesia and causes great pain to the infant. Some MDs have said that the baby cries out because he is angry. BULLSHIT: IT IS PAINFUL. I suspect that the pain causes the dick to retreat to the interior somewhere and not want to come out again. The pain of the surgery can be controlled by acupuncture years later but it can be complex. Two acupuncture points that are often used are Spleen 6 (Sanyinjiao) and Spleen 9 (Yinlingquan).
A visit to an acupuncturist could change your sex life.
Sexual molestation by mothers is common. One pediatrician told me that 90 percent of mothers slapped their son's hands and pecker when they touched their toy while being weighed (naked) - right in front of the pediatrician. My own mother indirectly told me that she had done this to me also. What I do know is that during 30 years of coming to grips with my own sexuality, the sensation of pleasure has changed dramatically 6 times!! Each time was an improvement and a joy to experience.
Spleen 6 and Spleen 9 could be helpful here too.
One man told me that his mother washed his pecker with a rough washcloth fiercely and hurt him a lot. He could not tolerate having anyone handling his peter, even caressing it.
Sexual therapy for men is a necessity for many men.
By contrast, one young couple I knew used to enjoy letting their baby son lie in the crib naked and play with his peter and giggle.
Acute sunburn before the age of twelve will make the penis be short a couple of inches. This observation comes from 25 years of medical practice and several years of being gay in New York City. This condition is particularly common in red haired and blond men who sun- burn easily. Current use of devices to enlarge the dick size are making this less of a personal disaster. Acute sunburn will also cause the orgasm to happen too quickly - within the first five minutes of sex-play. This condition can be treated in traditional acupuncture and/or herbalism.
A lot of child beating, where the boy has no choice but to submit and conceal his anger at the parent, will cause the dick to become longer and bigger. Suppressed anger is a medical disaster even though a large dick is often considered highly desirable.
Long-boned, thin men have big dicks too. (Swimmers, long-distance runners and basket- ball players are built this way, but their height is irrelevant.) This seems to be 'normal' with these folks who are built like string-beans.
Reality says that the beauty of the dick is not in size but in sensation. If it feels good, all else is trivial.
At the base of the dick, on the upper side, exactly in the middle is an acupuncture point which makes the dick hard. Everyone who likes to suck cock knows right where it is and will put the middle finger on it while engaging in their favorite fixation. I would not recommend needles or moxa here but a snug cockring stimulates the point quite well.
Another point is located at the bottom of the scrotum on/in the midline seam is used to treat limp-itis and sexual frigidity. Needles and moxa are used for severe cases but in milder cases a tongue will do.
At such times as it is necessary or desirable to interrupt or stop excitement, there is a point that will deflate you dick for a while but only temporarily. It has the advantage of increasing the sensation at the next exciting event. This point is located halfway between the a-hole and the very base of the dick. Some women call it the 'Tain't' Experiment with it often. This spot is much used in various Oriental Tantric practices.
(Written February '07)

Estrogens Unlimited

One of the most awesome effects of pollution is the spread of estrogens (female sex hormones) from birth control pills and the animal feeds of industrial agribusiness. These hormones do not deteriorate easily and now pollute much of the U. S. water. So much pollution that male frogs and fishes are growing ovaries (eggs) in their testicles.
This is a racial tragedy. The individual tragedies are enormous - one at a time - female and male sex organs cut out by surgeons, limp dicks, strange menstrual maladies, and inability to have children. On the national level - a sterile race in a generation or two.
Of course, it means zero population growth for those nations which use estrogens for birth control or for animal feeds. This is not necessarily bad. Other species of humans have vanished and been replaced by new species. For instance: there are no more Neanderthal people, no Australopithecus people, few Celtic people and lots of bones of our ancestors/predecessors in odd places about the planet.
This information is staggering to our imaginations. But other news is just appearing: precocious puberty. Children between 3 and 9 years are turning into teenagers long before the age of 12 or 13. Whether this is due to estrogens in the water supply has not been explored yet. Look up "precocious puberty" on the internet and become aware of what is happening. All this news is coming from the MDs, no reporting is done by herbalists, acupuncturists or the other medical professions.
What to do about this? It is too early for any of the medial profesions to have found a remedy yet. However I have a few suggestion that might help prevent the problems.
Stop eating meat from agribusiness supermarkets. Estrogens have to be most concentrated there.
Supermarket eggs are an absolute No-No. Estrogens are used to make hens lay three eggs a day. Sixty years ago hens only laid 220 eggs a year - two eggs every three days, not a thousand a year. I grew up on a chicken farm in those days.
Stop eating supermarket butter and get some real butter from a real farmer. When I first started eating organically, I would not eat butter unless I knew the cow (and the pasture it ate from). The farm butter taste is good and the color is golden. Agribiz butter is so pale it has color added to keep it from looking sickly. I haven;t eaten the stuff for 25 years.
Then, I noticed all the internet adds for Viagra, coalis and other pharma- ceuticals to give a man an upstanding functional dick. {The prices are outrageous: $5 a pill!!!!} Men are losing their maleness! Lots of them!!! Aphrodisiacs have always been welcome toys, but these pills are more than playthings.
According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the female reproductive system should stop being fertile at 49 years of age. "Early menopause" is now happening at 42: this is an illness, not a blessing. Things inside are not working right. The male apparatus should become sterile about age 64, but this is quite variable. Comedian George Burns lasted much longer - maybe to 100.
The grown mans problems and the herbal solutions are discussed in the essay on herbs for men.
What else to do? Find a good herbalist and hope for the best.

Poisons and Detoxification

This section is about poisonous pollution and how to get it out of your body. If you have just begun to pay attention to the poisons around your life, you next need to know how to clean yourself out and detox your body.
After having a practice in "healing" for 25 years, I have come to realize that almost everyone is poisoned in one way or another or even a thousand ways. Here is a short list of some of the poisons that affect vast numbers of people.
Monthly spraying for cockroaches in your house, in every restaurant kitchen, in every supermarket storage space, and almost every place where food is stored. 
This has happened everywhere for the last fifty years. You have been exposed to and eaten or breathed a lot of it. 
Living near an airport runway with jet engine exhaust fumes or propeller engine exhaust. Or - - near an automotive expressway or just driving to work in rush hour traffic. 
Count the years. 
Sodium propionate put in bread to "prevent spoilage" by poisoning things small (and large) that eat bread. This has been in daily use for 75 years. 
I think this one has set us up for the cancer epidemic we are experiencing TODAY. 
The "tingly" things put in sex goo. The "pharmaceutical agents" put in condoms to kill germs and sperms may be killing you too. 
Street drugs: uppers, downers, purple dots, blue meanies, etc. Pharmaceutical drugs with "side effects", etc, etc, etc. 
All the other things you already knew about.
This list could go on for many pages - many books. In the interest of saving paper and forests, I will quit making this list now.
Several things happen to all of us because of this poisoning. First, the body's immune systems - ALL OF THEM - collapse - beaten to death by our enemies. Strange diseases dance in our blood and guts. Diabetes, types 2 and 3 are from the collapse of the body systems that get rid of poisons. Diabetes is now the third most common cause of death in the U.S.
Secondly, ANGER is becoming more common: violence, domestic and national, is rising among the people. Courts of law are sending people to anger management classes. This is a recent development in the history of Law!
Men who work in polluted places 40 hours a week are more affected than women. A person whose body is working hard to eliminate poisons becomes over-worked and angers easily: men, women, children, rich, poor, all races, creeds and colors.
Detox procedures for each kind of poisoning is a little bit different from the other poisons depending on which body parts are most affected. This makes it impossible to invent a universal detox regimen: every body and every poison is different to some extent. Some common regimens are very general and work with many of our poisons; some are very specific. Look through the essays here and pick one or two or three regimens that sound good to you but use them one at a time. Too much of a good thing could be dangerous.
DO NOT detox or fast intensively between September 1 and February 1. You could cause more trouble than good.
After writing all this about poisons, I have expanded my appreciation of my/our bodies. How can our bodies accept so much abuse and still function reasonably well? It truly amazes me. Someone/something must be watching out for our welfare, even when we ourselves are goofing it.
Written March 07


Miso and Kelp

The regular, almost daily, use of miso and/or kelp removes many metallic poisons from the body. Miso is an ancient Japanese fermented soybean food made world famous by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Miso removes radioactive fallout from the body. With the omnipresence of fallout, Strontium 90 (not nice) gets into milk: cow milk, goat milk, people milk, mouse milk and horse milk and causes cancer. Every woman, pregnant or not, needs to use miso daily simply because her body is capable of making milk. Maybe men should do it too.
Kelp has the same capacity to remove radioactive metals from the body and is given, by the Swedish government, to all workers in uranium processing plants as disease prevention. This essay is written mainly about miso because I have much more experience using it for extreme problems with clients.
Treated lumber is/was poisoned with copper arsenate, two toxic metals. A child who plays on a porch/deck made of treated lumber gets a lifetime dose of arsenic poisoning in TWO HOURS. Any man who builds the porches/decks gets a lot of arsenic poisoning. Men who handle the stuff in lumber yards get a lot of arsenic poisoning too. Miso removes this poison. As a note to history, the British poisoned Napoleon on Elba with arsenic to get rid of him once and for all. Miso removes this poison easily.
Miso is also given to cancer patients after chemotherapy to make their life livable.
To use miso, put a teaspoon of it in a cup of hot water, not boiling or just warm, but hot. Stir. Then drink it, put it in a soup, in a bean dish or anything except lemon meringue pie. Never eat it raw except to taste the quality of it: eating it raw causes stomach problems eventually.
Eaten daily it strengthens the entire body and prevents many dis-eases. It is particularly good for many "erectile dysfunction" diseases.
For more info read "The Book Of Miso" by Shurtleff and Aoyagi, witten in 1976 but never out of date.
Kelp is readily available in most Health Food stores. It is sometimes labeled "Kombu" because that is the Japanese name for it.
Written March 07

Conji Fast Clean Out

This detox procedure is very intense but also feeds the bodys "metal element' which includes the lungs, large intestine and skin and which makes it very good for really sick people. Especially those with the ailments called AIDS and HIV. The short grain brown rice feeds these systems and gets them working better fast. Since these parts excrete a lot of body waste material it is important to keep them working well. In TCM there is a belief that if you can keep the lungs working, the client will survive. I recommend that every serious detoxification effort begin with a three day conji fast. Other things follow this.
Here's how.
For three days eat nothing but conji (see its essay) made with short grain brown rice and nothing else. (No other rice will work.) Before eating it sprinkle as much cayenne pepper on it as you can handle! This flushes the poisons out of the lymphatic system.
Add honey to taste and eat it. Eat as much as you like and as often as you like. This fast will not leave you hungry and will not weaken you. This makes it ideal for a working laborer who needs to work to survive or a mother with 5 kids hanging onto her skirts.
Also eat 9 to 12 cloves of garlic a day for the next month. Raw, Organic or Biodynamic. Spread the eating out over the day, not all at once. YOU WILL SMELL! But the smell is the garlic taking the poisons out through the skin, not just the garlic. Eating a lot of parsley, as much as a bunch a day, will help control the smell and help eliminate the poisons as well.
During the fast you might take some Echinacea tincture a couple of times a day to help clean the poisons out of the blood.
Wash off, shower, bathe often but don't use soap.
On the fourth morning do one of the following things.
Drink one half cup of organic olive oil mixed with one half cup organic fresh squeezed lemon juice This is the worst tasting stuff I ever put in my mouth! Just get it down! 
Two hours later eat a little food but stay near the toilet, When the olive oil and the lemon juice comes through it is jet propelled! When it does come through, stir in the toilet mess looking for green jelly beans. These are gallstones. The flush also clears out the liver. 
This is a very good way to get rid of ordinary gallstones. If the person is an angry one, the gallstones may be too large to get rid of this way. On these folks dissolve the stones with herbal methods.
Soak large meal of figs and eat them the fourth morning until they cloy - start tasting 'not good'. This cleans the lymphatic system real good. A lot of fresh figs will do it too. 
This fast/detox is recommended for dealing with AIDS, cancer, HIV, breast tumors, Gulf War Syndrome, drug addiction, abcesses that open up. Sick people feel so good afterwards that they will do anything I suggest. So I become very careful about what I suggest.
Written March '07

Apple Juice Fast

Drink nothing but apple juice for three days. All you can swallow. On the fourth morning use either a) olive oil/lemon juice or b) fig flush: see the essay "Conji Fast Cleanout" above.
The apple juice need to be organic - unsweetened - from whole apples - unfiltered - unpasteurized - preferably fresh pressed cider {a rare item} or cooked only enough for bottling. If you own a juicer machine, use it now. The first time I did it, I used 6 gallons of juice: I thought I was hungry. The last time I used 3 gallons, I had stopped thinking about being hungry. An apple juice fast will make you less energetic however because there is not a lot of nutrition in the juice - just cleanout.
The apple tree and its parts have been much used as medicine in ages past. The saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" may have been excellent advice when the world was less polluted, even though it might be a bit simplistic in these times. Recently, the apple juice fast has been the most common cleanout method for about twenty years. That is because it works. Feel the difference!
Apple juice fast supposedly clean out the inner working of the cell, all over the body.
Written March '07

Dandelion Spring Tonic

This not strictly speaking a clean-out fast but it does have a strong detox action. I have done this several times. It is hand-me-down medicine from my mother and her Puritan ancestry.
My mother cooked them. I think this is awful, but try it, you might like it
My way is this. In the spring as soon as the leaves are long enough, pick a BIG bunch of them and eat them as a salad with just oil and vinegar. Nothing else for dinner: just dandelion greens. For four (4) days. After 4 days your step will have a 'spring' to it that feels like a foot high. You will feel like you are walking on air!
Get the greens before the flowers open up - after the flowers open the leaves turn bitter - quite bitter. The medicinal action is the same but the taste is strong. The unopened flower buds are surprisingly sweet in the salad bowl.
Dandelions are used as medicine almost everywhere in the world. The root is the part commonly used.
Written March '07

Master Cleanser

This an intense way of cleaning out. Only one client of mine has ever used it. He worked as a refrigerator truck repairman fixing the refrigerator machines. He inhaled the fumes and took on fluoride and chloride poisoning. This stuff is a bitch to get out of the body. From this little experience, the Master Cleanser seems to work well especially when a red rash appears on the body in an attempt by the body to get rid of the toxicity. The rash is called 'fire toxin' in Chinese herbalism. Lemons are frequently use for these kinds of ailments.
The regimen uses lemon juice (organic), Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. All good stuff.
This is a very intense detox regimen. It works very well but is a little complex. So, if you think you need to do it read the book "The Master Cleanser" by Stanley Burroughs, he devised the technique many years ago and is the ultimate authority on the technique.
Written March '07

Red Clover and Water Fasting

One of the oldest fasting methods is simply drink lots of water for a while - one to ten days. Starve the body into detoxifying. This was undoubtedly discovered at a time when there was nothing to eat. Now we have rediscovered it when there is little that is fit to eat. Recently, many folks have used the method.
For myself, it is not my favorite. I think that the poisons we have eaten/ breathed are so many and so complex that the body needs help to get the s--t out.
Red Clover blossom tea is a very nice assistant. Put a big handful, about a quart, of fresh or dried Red Clover blossoms in a glass gallon jar. Fill it with good water and sit it in the sunshine for four hours. Stir occasionally.
Drink lots of this.
One person I met did this for forty days. He also did yoga for 12 hours a day!! At the end of 40 days his gut had shrunk from 40 feet to 4 feet!! He couldn't eat!! So he became a Breatharian: one who lives on air. He also did a type of energy healing where he took the excess Chi out of his clients and kept it for himself. (This was lunch of a different kind!!) And 12 hours of yoga a day, A Breathairian.
He was also a HUNK!! Muscles everywhere. Built like a brick shithouse with every brick in place. Quite amazing!!
He was also living in San Francisco where being odd is common. He was becoming a yogi who travels from household to household, staying only a few weeks in any one place, just as yogis do in India. That was 20 years ago. By now he must have become enlightened and holy.
Three to ten days of this kind of fasting is enough for me.
Written March '07

Appointment In Samara

(A true story)
A few days ago, around Christmas, a young man was informed that his national guard unit was being sent back to Iraq for a second tour of duty - a second tour of Hell.
He didn't want to go. He refused to go. He got depressed -- despondent -- distraught.
He barricaded himself in his fathers house.
The police of the town surrounded the fathers house and demanded he come out. He stayed in his fathers house.
Tear gas went through the window.
He stayed inside.
Finally he stepped out onto his fathers porch. Dazed. Crazed, At the end of his mind. He raised a gun to a tormenter.
A policeman shot him dead on his fathers porch. In his own hometown. Not in Iraq. Not in Hell.
He'll be buried in his own hometown, not in a nameless plot in Arlington Cemetery. Maybe even under his favorite apple tree.

Words by Crazy Owl

January 2007
Creation Myth #141592
A long, long, very long time ago, on a remote galaxy on the other side of the Milky Way, a starship of immigrants took off from their home out there and set out for faraway places. They traveled very very far until they began to run out of fuel.
What to do??????
No one had any solution. A growing fear gripped the passengers. What to do? They were headed straight for an orange-red-hot star. Suddenly someone suggested that they should try to land on one of the large rocks that was floating around the star.
So they picked out the third rock out from the star and headed for it . They crashed. Exploded and expired. Mushroom cloud and all. Everyone died.
Next morning after the mess had cooled off a bit, two cockroaches crawled out from under the wreck. They had lived in a basket of fruit during the journey.
One of them was male. His name was Adam. The other one was female. Her name was Eve. The third roach was a party girl and her name was Lilleth.
This was written at the request of the residents of Einewetok Atoll. 

The Hidden Cost of War

This essay is about the cost of war in human terms that the news media will never tell you about because the war-mongering press couldn't care less about it.
Human suffering of American veterans who survived the battlefield, then went home and suffered the sling and arrows of the horrors they witnessed. I have lived through dozens of our 'little' and big wars during my 80 years on the planet and have known some of these men and their children myself.
Writing the essay is the most difficult thing I have done in many years.
Reading it will not be amusing. It will be educational.
Soldiers will have nightmares for the rest of their lives as they relive the horrors of war. My brother-in-law was one of those from WWII at the battle for Tarawa Atol. He saw the ocean turn red with blood of soldiers. Tens of thousands of young men in the prime of life. bleeding their life out in the Pacific surf. He dreamed about this until he died forty years later.
The second soldier was in the Korean war. After his return, he went berserk for two years - sex, drugs, homo, hetero and all that stuff. Then he got a grip on himself, got married and had a son (who told me this tale).
But for the rest of his life, he had nightmares - crouched behind the pillow at the head of his bed - firing his rifle at Chinese coming over the footboard,
He lived and dreamed of this for twenty to 30 years. Then on a sunny Spring morning he walked into the yard and dropped dead on the lawn. His son hoped he was at last out of his misery.
The third instance of horrified memories happened to me as I was hitch-hiking from Sacramento to San Francisco. A man picked me up and told me this tale. He was in Viet Nam and his combat unit was assigned to "pacify" a Viet Cong village. They tied the oldest man (Papa-san) in the village to a post and forced the villagers to watch while they bayonetted his belly guts onto the ground for the pigs to eat - live.
He told me - a perfect stranger - this story of horror, then put me out by the side of the road. He told me, a total stranger, his tale of horror. How many strangers does it take to erase one horror?
Another soldier came back from Nam and could not get out of his camouflage uniform for two weeks. When he finally took it off his 12 year old son put it on. But his father made him take it off saying: "I've killed boys like you in combat jackets like this."
How many men are reliving their memories....losing their sanity..... every day?
Over 65,000 divorces have have happened to soldiers who lived through the horrors of war... to come home with a broken life. How many women have seen the man they once loved come home a madman? How many children have a living dead man as a father?
One of the novelties of this war is the use of nuclear refuse in daily warfare. The nuclear refuse is a very heavy form of metal and when fired at or forced against mere iron will penetrate the weak iron easily - like a bomb would. It is used in Iraq to blast holes in walls and buildings.
There is a difference however - the nuclear metal turns to dust as it explodes. The dust is very fine and floats merrily along its way over hill and dale, river and stream. It gets breathed into a soldier's throat and windpipe and sticks to the nice warm moist tissue there. A few months later cancer appears in the soldier's throat and chest. It also gets into the throats of all breathing life: man, woman, Christian, Muslim, Kurd, cow, goat, pig and polliwog. It comes home in the soldier's clothing.
When will it vanish?
100,000 years - more or less.
An Associated Press release (lost the date but sometime between 1 and 10 Nov '07.) was about a Veterans Administration report that there 500,000 veterans of wars homeless on the streets right now. Yes - one half million!!. Apparently these veterans are from wars BEFORE Iraq as there is only a "trickle" of Iraqi vets beginning to show up now.
How many more of our children are we going to make "homeless" - living in the sewers and underground tunnels in the big cities and sleeping on the grates over warm air vents in the side walks of every large city.
How many?
I can't write any more of this....It's driving me nuts    morose    despondent.

Political Tidbits

A perfect government is like a perfect spouse...everybody wants one but nobody gets one.
Frodo failed - George has the ring.
Seen as a bumper sticker
This world is Hell and it is heated with oil from the Euro-American Oil Cartel.
Politics is a Parade for the amusement of voters
Political science is a late evening soap opera called the 11 o'clock news.
History books were written by newspaper editors 100 years before the books got into classrooms. They reflect the editor's politics at the time he wrote his opinion, nothing more.
Historical reality is still an enigma.
The Universities have ignored three of the principal features of history in their course offerings on governmental science: Bribery 101, Blackmail 102 and Slander 103.
An Afro-American bus driver in Atlanta voiced the essential distinction between Republicans and Democrats: "The only difference between Republicans and Democrats is that the Democrats use Vaseline".
If I could remember his name, I would nominate him for the Pulitzer Prize in History.
Is War necessary?
Why is war necessary?
War is a Social Disease.
The hitting of children is the original infection of the Social Disease called War.
Winning at chlld-hood games Is the training for Victory at War.
Playing the Game without keeping score is the contradiction of Warfare.
The first thing an aspiring politician has to learn to do is to lie while smiling.
How many Congressmen/women have sacrificed a grandson to the Iraqi Oil War?
George has a brand new toy army. Its only problem is that it bleeds.

The Fox and the Dog

A Lesson In How To Write Propaganda
This is a primer in how to write Propaganda. The owners of the 'public'/private media use it regularly to formulate our opinions. A Dictator needs to control the media in his own country and uses these techniques constantly. A Democracy can be manipulated through its press. It is common knowledge that William Randolph Hearst created the Spanish-American War on the front pages of his newspaper empire. Hearst is gone and his empire with him but the techniques he used have been studied, analysed and polished over the last hundred years. Now here is how it is done.
Read these lines - slowly - and notice how your attitude towards the fox and the dog change as you read.
The fox jumped over the dog.
The smart fox jumped over the lazy dog.
The nimble fox jumped over the lazy dog
The clever fox jumped over the sleeping dog.
The clever fox jumped over the stupid dog.
The clever fox jumped over the stupid dog and grabbed a fat hen.
The greedy fox jumped over the stupid lazy dog and stole a fat hen.
The smart nimble fox jumped over the stupid lazy dog and stole a fat juicy hen to feed his family.
The thieving fox jumped over the tired dog.
The damn thieving fox jumped over the sleeping dog.
Shoot that damned thieving fox before he jumps over the dog again.
Shoot that damned thieving fox before he jumps over the dog again and steals another hen.
Shoot that damned thieving fox and all his kits before he jumps over the dog again and steals another hen.
The fox that jumped over the dog wants to feed his hungry family another fat juicy hen.
For your information: the fox jumped over the dog. Everything else is propaganda and is commonly called:
speech writing
editorial style
interesting reading
attention getting copy
It is commonly in the first paragraph of of what you read --- newspapers, speeches, novels, adventure stories, and pornography and discussion about pornography.
It is done to capture YOUR attention and appeal to YOUR biases.
Politicians hire speech writers who are masters of the technique.
It is the story-tellers art. Perhaps the best example I know of is the first paragraph of the book "The Naked Ape" written about thirty years ago. It was a best seller and earned a fortune for the writer and the press which published it.